UFO Dream: Geometric Space Craft

from my sketchbook/UFO Dream 2012

In April, I dreamed I was in Russia, on a beach. There was some politician in the sea, and others seemed to be rushing to help him. It was dusk or dawn and the sky was filled with stars. Small bubbles started to flow toward me. I knew that it could not be rain as it was starry out. Full galaxies of bubbles started to flow from the sky, toward me and the swept through me! Then suddenly, I was out in the country, in a field. I looked up because there were fighter jets up there. They soared by, but then I noticed above that, there were UFOs. Other people saw them, too. I could see that one craft turned all it’s pieces in a “click” –they were shimmering iridescent geometric shapes that all fit together to create the craft, with what seemed like energy between each piece. It seemed to zoom closer and then I saw the commander of the ship. It was a man with brown hair, not at all an alien-looking person. In fact, I sensed he was American.

I woke up thinking probably many of our UFOs are technology we ourselves create but which the general public doesn’t know about. There was that odd UFO hovering over NYC last year I think, and it didn’t look like a weather balloon. It could have been a hoax, but it was never explained.