Spirit Paintings: Thinking from the Heart


Spirit Painting for Niki/ Copyright 2011 Elaine Clayton

I create these painted meditations in honor of the one who commissioned them (unless they ask for me to paint it for someone in particular). I focus from the heart and paint what feels like emerging, and it is a very beautiful process. I wish we were all raised to “think from the heart” more in life, rather than being conditioned to be primarily rewarded for being rational and logical. Thinking from the heart gives me the feeling, not just the words, but the feeling, of “being one” with others. It is a sensation of calm and peace and excitement and the feeling that all good dreams can come true. Especially if we, from the heart, support one another in becoming aligned with Source, with our deepest sense of wellbeing.

Sun, Sea and Internal Peace


This is a recent Spirit Painting commission  Elaine Clayton copyright 2014

In a recent Spirit Painting commission, while meditating on the one who commissioned it, I felt the sense of deep inner peace commingling with movement and change and felt I was in a realm of the possible. Memories of the past blended with future visions of good days ahead, sunshine and a return to the sea. This painting took me on some adventures, but I still felt at peace inside through the many places and changes the painting the painting took me to. I felt as though the most real adventure is the internal one, and all external experiences are strongly influenced by how we perceive them. I felt a sense of grace and love while painting this, and it made me realize that when we feel grace and love inside, we bring that out into every place we go and to every person we meet. Then that inner peace truly is in our surroundings, as we are the host or vessel of that peace.


Angels, Orbs and Hypnogogic Visions

angelandorb From my dream journal sketchbook/ Elaine Clayton copyright 2014 

It is worth while to get into the habit of remaining in the hypnogogic state upon waking. This is when you are still completely relaxed, and may have visions or have realizations that emerge without any effort on your part. What dreaming offers has a way of continuing to offer even in waking moments, even beyond the hypnogogic state. Once you’re moving around with daily tasks, you can still slip into that relaxed and blissful state of receiving.


The Spirit of Life in All Things

Ken’s Spirit  copyright Elaine Clayton 2013

Life is sacred, when we engage with it as sacred. Every leaf, every speck is full of vibrance–the Spirit of Life is everywhere. I painted this thinking of my brother Ken and his richly poetic way of weaving words and images and stories into visions of humorous and life-enhacing awareness.  He has inspired me and many to recognize the living spirit in my surroundings.

Into the Moon

Into the Moon, Inward Journey Elaine Clayton copyright 2013

On earth, we learn in increments of time and space. We have a linear concept of life and life’s lessons (“first this happened, then that and now….”). And yet what once happened is no more than a shadow we revisit inwardly, a cinematic recording. We still learn from those recordings by remembering them, playing them in our minds, as we create our life  forward. Yet love is not subject to time, love is present, forever, within ourselves and everyone and everything around us. Enlightenment is love entering our interactions; we exist in  3-D opportunities that, from moment-to-moment, become recorded “spiritual films” of our experiences. When love is ignored or made absent by our choices or the free will of others, we know it because it is a glimmer of hell. I want to be in that love that is pure light, and each situation in life gives me a chance to see where I still have shadows within.






Some Angels Do Have Wings (the Pulsation of Healing)

Sketch from vision/January 2013

Angels do exist, I believe there are as many varieties as there are things in the world. As it says in the Talmud, even the smallest blade of grass has it’s own angel, urging it to grow. Many angels are Nature Spirits and some do have wings. From this early morning vision I had today, I saw the luminescence and orbs accompanying, with what appeared to be wings opening and closing, and realized this motion is a very powerful blessing, the energy sends forth from the source, like a pulsation. It makes you feel healed and blissful to behold it. I had never thought of wings flapping as a kind of energetic pulsation, but that is now how I see it, after this vision. Along with the angelic shimmer there were two orbs, one small and one larger. The smaller one was similar to the angel in color and light, the other one was like many I’ve seen but do not fully understand. It had a crystal clear scene in it–like watching a movie in a bubble. This scene today was in sepia colors and was a happy one of two siblings, one about 4 and the other about 2 years old, playing in a small living room. There was a piano and furniture and the feeling was one of innocence and playfulness. I wondered, is this the angel of those children? Is this what I am being shown, that we all have angels watching over the scenes of our lives?

Guest Artist: Musician William Carelton


This is a detail of a painting I call “Orb Angel”/ copyright 2012

I asked musician William Carelton to tell me about his life as a musician. When I met him, he was so spiritually open and resonated such calm energy that I felt glad to be in his presence. This is what he related to me:

“Every musician either knowingly or unknowingly has a muse. Mine is my late Aunt MaryKate Carleton. She was the youngest on my Dad’s side of the family – a rebellious, outspoken Libra with the most angelically powerful voice I’ve ever heard. Delicately present, yet as bold as Joni Mitchell – whatever sound she wanted to channel she could – and it would resonate and quiet any conversation in the room, or any concert hall.


MaryKate passed at the age of 33 from cancer, and at the time I was only 12, and didn’t understand the connection I had with her – all I knew was that I was sad that she wasn’t around, and as the years passed, I found myself missing her more and more.


That year, I had an unpredictable experience happen to me, where I was sitting in my room in New England, playing videogames with my brother Mike. Down the side of the road, just outside my window, I noticed a golden orb floating outside. It stopped, steadied, and bee-lined right into my third eye. I didn’t know what to think or feel in that moment, I just said to Mike, “Did you see that?” He said, “Yes!” and then I asked, “Well what was it?” Mike said, “What? What are you talking about?” as if nothing had happened just a moment before.


I didn’t say anything else to Mike, I just kept the experience to myself. Little did I know that this moment was leading  me on a path towards the divine, unknowingly at the time.


Fast forward 22 years to just a few months ago, on the day where I was receiving my 1st level of Reiki Attunement. And in respect of the attunement process, I cannot reveal too many details – but I came to understand that the founder of Reiki, Dr. Usui – had a similar experience with an orb floating into his third eye. And during my attunement – the person giving it to me had drawn the master Reiki symbol twice on my third eye – not knowing why it needed to be done – and I thought of what had happened when I was 12. I was blown away. I knew that I was here for a very specific reason, and that I was on the path of the divine, to offer a channel of healing light to those in need.


Just as I knew I was on the path to become a healer, I knew that music would be a part of my life forever. I was always surrounded by music in the house. My parents and brother all played. And it wasn’t until I was 17years old that I approached my mom after school and said, “Mom, I really want you to teach me how to play.” I pointed at the guitar, and that was that. This was just as Elaine had described my ambition during my Reiki session with her! Literally, a few months later, I started writing songs. And I haven’t stopped writing since then.


The process involves me tapping into the energy of MaryKate – my muse. And I feel like we stay in communication this way. She sends me sounds that are phonetic, without any real articulation – and then it’s my responsibility to try and make sense of the true essence of what she’s saying on paper, so everyone can relate to it. It’s a magical, intimate process. It requires complete humility. But it’s freeing and healing at the same time.


Now at this point in my life, I find my music and healing arts merging and guiding me across the country to California. First I will receive my yoga teacher training at Joshua Tree, and then I will move west to Santa Monica where I intend to share my music and knowledge of yoga with the most beautiful spiritual community I’ve ever met. I just cannot wait!”



Healing Life Pulse

I’ve discovered in my own personal healing that there is a Life Pulse Energy that works with our bodies to bring us into wellbeing. When I was very ill with Lyme Disease years ago, I asked in prayer to be healed (I had to lay there for so many months, the timing was perfect) but also to learn more about the realm of angels, miracles, all things spiritual. One of the first things that happened was that I saw a luminescent, shimmering orb. It was so beautiful, I felt a kind of ecstasy gazing up at it. It glided toward me and then over to my right above me, almost behind me. I began to see these wondrous pearly orbs regularly. Often when I woke up, there would be one just above me, a pulsation of light coming from it to me. I felt the most remarkable pulse in my throat, or in my heart chakra. A strumming, healing pulse. In a more recent healing situation (I’d call it a miracle!), I have also found that the pulse is worked with and is part of the healing process. It is so powerful. I realize perhaps God is that pulse of Light, Divine Light, that works in and through all living things. Life is the breath, the pulse. And I am in awe, but also so moved emotionally by the beauty in it.

The Veil is Thinning

My water color and ink dream scape/2012

My dreams last night were about spectacular and unusual nature spirits. The veil is thinning and what we are able to know is increasing. The entire dream scape was about truth vs trickery, knowing that we can no longer be deceived. What is true will surface, for us and for others.  It is easy to deceive even the self for fear of truths which are hard to face, but the times we are stepping into are about transparency and light.