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A Recent Spirit Painting: Springing into a New Life


A recent commissioned Spirit Painting/ Elaine Clayton copyright 2014

In this recent commissioned Spirit Painting, I felt the feeling of great creative energy, a sense of the new based on past knowledge gained, and of working with a spiritual openness. The gift of nature bringing a wisdom and feeling of security, in that life renews time and time again, also came forth in this one.


Angels, Orbs and Hypnogogic Visions

angelandorb From my dream journal sketchbook/ Elaine Clayton copyright 2014 

It is worth while to get into the habit of remaining in the hypnogogic state upon waking. This is when you are still completely relaxed, and may have visions or have realizations that emerge without any effort on your part. What dreaming offers has a way of continuing to offer even in waking moments, even beyond the hypnogogic state. Once you’re moving around with daily tasks, you can still slip into that relaxed and blissful state of receiving.


Is Your Dog in Heaven?

Planty_heavenDetail from Plantagenet in Heaven  copyright 2013 Elaine Clayton

He was with me, we were on a flying carpet, flying about 7th floor level through New York City, we could see into apartments, my dog and I. And one person, a young woman in her twenties, was delighted to see us as we flew on soft air currents by her window at eye level to her. Plantaganet was beside me, as he had been for so many years. Sometimes now I think I feel him  beside me, in dreams and during moments when I least expect it.

If you’ve had a pet that is no longer on earth, have this pet appeared to you in dreams or visions or in other ways? I’d love to hear about hit. They all go straight up to heaven, we know it.


Born of the Moon

IMG_1766Detail from a commissioned Spirit Painting Elaine Clayton copyright 2011

“You are a crown of glory for those who are borne in the womb, for they, like you, are destined to be renewed.” (Traditional Jewish blessing honoring the waxing moon)


The Spirit of Life in All Things

Ken’s Spirit  copyright Elaine Clayton 2013

Life is sacred, when we engage with it as sacred. Every leaf, every speck is full of vibrance–the Spirit of Life is everywhere. I painted this thinking of my brother Ken and his richly poetic way of weaving words and images and stories into visions of humorous and life-enhacing awareness.  He has inspired me and many to recognize the living spirit in my surroundings.

Life’s a Beach! Using Drawing to Develop Intuitiion

Detail from a recent intuitive stream drawing reading/ copyright Elaine Clayton 2013

In a recent visual-intuitive meditation, using drawing to access intuitive knowledge (I share this method in my book, MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing/Simon and Schuster/Beyond Words due out in May), I saw in a past position, a figure with the #2 (see in brown color) which to me signifies “daughter” or sisterhood, as well as some other associations. A beach scene appeared. All the associations of beachiness (not a real word, but it works here!) came to mind: the feeling of recreation, childhood dreams and sunny days. There is a large wave approaching, which didn’t feel scary, but more like the way life moves us on, away from our carefree days and into the rest of life. I enjoyed coloring in this beach scene, but it is only one way to perceive the shapes and lines. When sharing this with the client, it resonated for her in that she had many beach memories and it gave her a chance to see ways in which the good times in life were stored within her, no matter what else life brought (amongst other meanings that came to her).

Intuitive Stream Drawings and Animal Images

Detail from a recent Intuitive Stream Drawing/ Elaine Clayton copyright 2013

There is a technique for intuitive discoveries that I developed, and I call it “intuitive stream drawing”. Often in my meditations prior to an intuitive reading sessions, animal imagery appears somewhere in the intuitive stream drawing (these are created while I’m alone, before a session begins). In this one, at the crown and 3rd eye, there is a fierce rhino facing the past. This to me has to do with desire and the fierce look may say, “desire is threatened” or “I am going to have what I desire!” or possibly there is anger from a past experience in where a particular desire was taken away. Since the crown chakra and the 3rd eye chakra have to do with awareness of the presence of the divine within, and how it is recognized and attuned with the self, this single (of many possible) interpretation of this intuitive stream drawing makes me want to talk about getting assertive about any past event that holds a threat in regard to creating and having what the soul desires moving forward. There are many other ways to look at it.

Below we see what may be a fox–it could be a cat. The fox is a terrific symbol. I almost ran over one a few evenings ago and thought, “Time to become invisible”. Fox in Native American animal wisdom can be about “becoming invisible”—since this is a huge fox and it’s in the heart and solar chakra it feels like the need to be unseen in matters of love and even in terms of home life in some way. If it’s a cat, I feel it has something to do with intuition, the mysterious aspects of life– and possibly about trust. We can’t train or control a cat, and so it is in matters of love in some ways, there is no way to control others or make everything go the way we’d like. Fox and Cat could indicate many other things as well. Interpreting intuitive stream drawings is wonderful because it gives us a chance to explore the meanings and to discover which one is most powerful for the client personally.

More about intuitive stream drawings in my new book MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Stream Drawings (Simon and Schuster/ Beyond Words due out 2014)

A Recent Spirit Painting: Created as Creators

 Spirit Painting / Elaine Clayton copyright 2013

We were created into being as creators in our own right. When I’m commissioned to do a Spirit Painting, I feel this.  My intention is to create whatever would best serve the one it is being created for. It is a form of prayer, a meditation on behalf of that individual. Most are done for people I have never seen or met, so I have no idea what they like or what their internal aspirations are or anything. But I ask for imagery to flow through according to what would best serve that person.

I have always experienced a certain feeling while creating, and it is that of  the thrill of enchantment, depth of emotion and excitement. There is an adventurous quality to creative work because the creative process is one that puts you in the moment without knowing where it will all go. In Genesis, when God created the world, there was the breath of life and the spoken word, to “be” and breathe and to state intention. In other words, I have to be in control enough to paint, but spontaneous enough to feel truly alive, so the artwork also, hopefully, feels truly alive.  I believe being creative is to be open to the indwelling Spirit that breathes life into all of us. A painting needs to do the same, to not just reflect that spirit but to breathe life into the viewer.  And only the viewer knows when this happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. But I won’t let a painting leave my studio if this has not happened, in fact I cannot paint unless I feel the stirring of the excitement and emotion, of breathing life into something while I work.

What Am I Supposed to Learn?

Etzev/Sorrow  Elaine Clayton copyright 2013

The point of change, the moment of mercy comes when I finally ask, “What is it I’m supposed to learn here?” Some situations, goals or thoughts are held hostage by the ego to the point where no shift seems possible.  I had a client recently who said she’d been having a terrible streak spanning many years, and felt cursed.  We all relate to that feeling, but what is it that shifts us out of that? I don’t believe we’re cursed, even in bad times because I believe every moment holds the Light in it, but there can be very difficult times in our lives. I told this client that I’d found in my own suffering times that there is no shift out of misery until I surrender and ask, “What is it I’m supposed to learn in this situation?” It’s like looking up at the sky and surrendering, waving a white flag as big as the Milky Way, and the ego can’t stand it! This “breaking point” does not come easily, the ego refuses to be put in a position to have to “learn”–it thinks it already knows everything, and it asserts itself as to what it wants with great authority. “I know what is best for you,” ego seems to say. But when things are sorrowful, painful, forced or simply dysfunctional, it is a good moment when that ego has to surrender and the humble question of what should be learned arises from within. Tears may follow, but the good kind.

Angels In Our Midst

Angels in Our Midst/ Elaine Clayton copyright 2013 pen and ink on hand-made paper

I believe in miracles and in angels. The Talmud states:

“The virtue of angels is that they cannot deteriorate; their flaw is that they cannot improve. Man’s flaw is that he can deteriorate; and his virtue is that he can improve.”

Angels show up sometimes to help us improve, through being moved emotionally, through being saved from danger or through insights that come as if on the wind. Imagination and spiritual, creative playfulness, I believe, brings us closer to the messages our angels deliver.