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Sun, Sea and Internal Peace


This is a recent Spirit Painting commission  Elaine Clayton copyright 2014

In a recent Spirit Painting commission, while meditating on the one who commissioned it, I felt the sense of deep inner peace commingling with movement and change and felt I was in a realm of the possible. Memories of the past blended with future visions of good days ahead, sunshine and a return to the sea. This painting took me on some adventures, but I still felt at peace inside through the many places and changes the painting the painting took me to. I felt as though the most real adventure is the internal one, and all external experiences are strongly influenced by how we perceive them. I felt a sense of grace and love while painting this, and it made me realize that when we feel grace and love inside, we bring that out into every place we go and to every person we meet. Then that inner peace truly is in our surroundings, as we are the host or vessel of that peace.


A Recent Spirit Painting: Springing into a New Life


A recent commissioned Spirit Painting/ Elaine Clayton copyright 2014

In this recent commissioned Spirit Painting, I felt the feeling of great creative energy, a sense of the new based on past knowledge gained, and of working with a spiritual openness. The gift of nature bringing a wisdom and feeling of security, in that life renews time and time again, also came forth in this one.


The Spirit of Life in All Things

Ken’s Spirit  copyright Elaine Clayton 2013

Life is sacred, when we engage with it as sacred. Every leaf, every speck is full of vibrance–the Spirit of Life is everywhere. I painted this thinking of my brother Ken and his richly poetic way of weaving words and images and stories into visions of humorous and life-enhacing awareness.  He has inspired me and many to recognize the living spirit in my surroundings.

Spirit Paintings by Elaine Clayton


Spirit Painting/ copyright 2010 Elaine Clayton 

Commissions for Spirit Paintings come in throughout the year. I consider it a privilege to offer this as a healing art, as each painting is created in meditation in honor of the recipient. I keep the commission fee lower than low for these so that really anyone who truly wants one could have one. No two are alike, just as no two people are exactly alike, and with each painting, a new and different image arrives. Sometimes there is a narrative feel, other times a symbolic kind of energy. My intention is to allow whatever would most benefit the recipient to emerge on canvas.

Stay Aligned with Your Ideals

Pieces of Sky/Gesso, acrylic on paper Elaine Clayton copyright 2013

Just because you don’t have something, doesn’t mean it isn’t “yours”.  We don’t have to own everything we love, in fact, just loving and appreciating something is often motivating and inspiring. Edgar Cayce made the very empowering of point of reminding us to stay aligned with our ideals, and I have found that acknowledging what we love and appreciate, is in essence, a way to align with our soul’s purpose. For example, during a phase of moving around in rentals that didn’t reflect any of my personal ideals, I forgot to have that soul-aligning conversation with myself about the kinds of houses I idealize. I just didn’t focus on the material at all, and we thrived as a family during that non-materialistic phase of being. After several years of not even thinking of what kind of house I truly love, I was struck by the ideals I hold, and told my husband I love solar houses. Not long after that, we found a place we now call home and are no longer roaming. It is not a solar house, but is filled with sunlight and makes us happy. One day it may have solar panels. The point wasn’t that I have exactly the thing I love, but just to know what I love and be fulfilled just loving the idea of it. An African American psychic I met once while in my early 20’s (she was a corporate psychic working for a multi-million dollar West Coast corporation) held my hand and said, “Just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean it isn’t yours.” She went on to explain basically what Cayce said, that to love something makes it “yours” on a spiritual level, because you appreciate and value it. I notice, too, that not being in the “I must have!” frenzy of feeling lacking in some way truly does bring peace. I listen to Eldon Taylor’s InnerTalk cds and one of my favorite is the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want,” is a line that really, when I feel that calm inside, that there is nothing I must have right now, is the best feeling ever. At home when any of us get into that frenzy of “I must have”, we hiss and slither around and say, “Precious” like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. I’d rather own a love for something than to be owned by that something.


You Are One with Spring, With Everything


Once a few years ago, I was dreaming (just before waking up at dawn) and was hovering over some rocks and plants. I had the complete sensation of being not just one with everything, but of BEING everything.  The feeling was as if in an instance, but a forever kind of feeling. I can’t really explain it, but I felt I was not limited to this body, I was everywhere all at once. Now that it’s spring, I love walking around outside and trying to feel myself blend in with everything, the trees, the leaves, the sky. The blurry leaves shimmering in the distance, the rocks and even the air. When I do this I feel a kind of “zing” that is elating and for a moment I almost have that “I am everything, everywhere” feeling again.

Synchronistic Sign of the Dove: A Recent Spirit Painting

Spirit Painting for J.R. 2013 copyright Elaine Clayton www.illuminara.com

This is a recent Spirit Painting commission that had a powerful synchronistic happening connected with it. I noted for the client that there is a “cloud bird”—a dove flying overhead in her Spirit Painting, and I knew inwardly while meditating and painting that this bird had to be in the painting, even if I did not exactly know why. This bird, like the other elements in the painting are what arrived into my consciousness while meditating specifically on behalf of the one who commissioned the piece. AMAZINGLY, after she received the Spirit Painting, a white dove visited her while she worked in her garden!!! She said that the dove watched her tend to her plants from very close by, and she and others were actually able to hold this dove in their hands. I felt this was an enormously important synchronicity, and a truly wonderful event because, how often after having a dove painted for you, does a dove come visit for a while?

What Does This Image Mean to YOU?

This is number 19 in my well-worn deck, Illuminara Intuitive Journal with Cards.

I painted this because I love clouds, and because this is a scene from my first decade of life on earth in the Panhandle of Texas. But what this card means to me doesn’t matter as much as it means to you, when you look at it.

In a recent intuitive-psychic reading, a client drew this card during the session. He identified with the cloud. “I’m the cloud,” he said, “and I worry about the effect I have on others.” This client has a lot of responsibilities and is reviewing his life anew, so he is going over life and his choices. He worries he casts shadows, or feels he is responsible for all his employees in ways that may be ominous in their lives. So for him, this card represents his desire to gather up and fully comprehend his life in terms of how his choices effect others.

Another client felt that the house below the cloud represented isolation of some kind, but with the knowledge that the sky is full and rich, dreams abound and potential can be fulfilled, no matter what.

What does this card mean to you?!


Child’s Play: Creativity and Intuition

Siblings/ Elaine Clayton copyright1998

Today, in my Illuminara Card of the Week weekly newsletter (subscribe if you like!) I focused on creativity and intuition. Sometimes we feel we have to “work” at something to be good at it, and really what we need is to enjoy it, like a child at play. I have found that intuitive knowledge doesn’t come easily if I try too hard. Relaxing and feeling true joy, creative flow and imagination (unlimited expansion of feeling and thought) is what seems to bring me into quiet knowing. Jesus said that we have to become like children to enter the gates of heaven. Children play, dream, imagine and put everything they have into what they love.

Hurricane Sandy

My water color and pencil sketch of Canal Beach in Saugatuck Shores in peaceful weather/2010. This is an area that would have suffered some damage from Sandy.

I am sorry I have not posted or sent out newsletters from Illuminara.com in a while. We live along the coast just outside of NYC and have had a real adventure with the superstorm and the aftermath. However, I have felt completely protected in this interlude, even if we were uncomfortable (no heat, no power, etc).  We are closing on a house and had to secure a temporary rental while waiting, and I almost signed a lease on a beach house in the area, but didn’t feel quite right about it.  Standing in it with the realtor, I simply felt ill-at-ease, yet I was pressed for time so decided to go with the flow and agree to take the house for the month.  Then another family rented this beach house out from under us (they planned to rent for longer and were better candidates for the owners). I did not get angry, but inwardly felt it “wasn’t meant to be”, and scurried around to find another house to rent, this one in a more bucolic suburban setting, with small fields and meadows.

As news of the hurricane came in, I began to prepare the family. What I realized after the storm is that I am sure that the beach house we nearly rented was flooded (or at least had to be evacuated) while the house we ended up renting had not one single tree that would fall on it during a wind storm. It has beautiful trees of all sizes and types surrounding it,  yet not one was positioned close enough to worry me or endanger us. I feel blessed by this.

For a while, I have been focused on how imagination, creativity and intuition are all in the same category of presence and am writing about this in my new book (due out in 2014). What I realized in this situation of feeling protected, is that the same feeling of enchantment that I feel while creating or while intuiting or feeling empathy for another, is the same feeling I had upon feeling protected during the storm. As though magically surrounded by something out of the ordinary, something divine and good.

I look around, though at all those who suffered so much through this storm (and still are suffering terribly) and know that if my family was fortunate enough to dodge the severe misery and devastation wrought by this storm, then I have to concentrate on those who have not been as fortunate. This time, we were only inconvenienced as a family, and that hurt enough–I cannot imagine what those feel who have lost everything and are freezing and alone, or with babies to feed and keep warm.

These are the days of the”earth changes” that we’ve been talking about for quite a while, and extremes are what we must expect. All we can do is (to the best of our ability) be prepared to live without power, and/or to evacuate.  More than ever, I use my  intuitive sensing and listen to that inner voice, that for me, is our connection to the Source of Life. I pray every day for protection and strength for what comes.

I am typing this from the Westport Public Library PC (and I’m a Mac user) because there is no internet at home, so I will not post as regularly as I would under normal circumstances until I get cable restored. But I miss my daily Illuminara posts because creating art, expressing through color, light and form is my purpose. Now I am reminded that it is a beautiful luxury.  I create these posts because I want to engage and interact with others using art to explore dreams,  intuition, spirituality and healing.  These explorations can carry us through hard times but hard times can mean we have to focus on the basics of survival.  After shivering for a week and benefitting from the kindness of good friends who took us in and fed us, I am grateful for every last good thing in this world.