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Is Your Dog in Heaven?

Planty_heavenDetail from Plantagenet in Heaven  copyright 2013 Elaine Clayton

He was with me, we were on a flying carpet, flying about 7th floor level through New York City, we could see into apartments, my dog and I. And one person, a young woman in her twenties, was delighted to see us as we flew on soft air currents by her window at eye level to her. Plantaganet was beside me, as he had been for so many years. Sometimes now I think I feel him  beside me, in dreams and during moments when I least expect it.

If you’ve had a pet that is no longer on earth, have this pet appeared to you in dreams or visions or in other ways? I’d love to hear about hit. They all go straight up to heaven, we know it.


The Spirit of Life in All Things

Ken’s Spirit  copyright Elaine Clayton 2013

Life is sacred, when we engage with it as sacred. Every leaf, every speck is full of vibrance–the Spirit of Life is everywhere. I painted this thinking of my brother Ken and his richly poetic way of weaving words and images and stories into visions of humorous and life-enhacing awareness.  He has inspired me and many to recognize the living spirit in my surroundings.

When Prospects Seem Gloomy

Elaine Clayton copyright 2013  / monoprint with water color wash

More than before, I find that during intuitive healing sessions, people feel gloomy about the future. College age kids, for example, are facing huge debts and no jobs seem available. How can we create anew when the resources seem nonexistent?

It’s true, it is difficult. We are living in days that are full of turmoil and edgy circumstances, the feeling of “what next?” is always stirring. The macrocosm can be perceived as a vast sea of doom: imploding dramas, unfolding scenes of war, extreme weather, political strife and even children are a part of the cruelty in some horrific circumstances. And all of it lapping up against us personally as we sail along in our own little boats, trying to stay afloat or get where we’re going.  We try to be seaworthy, listening to our sense of truth (our inner divine nature, our intuition) letting the wind guide us as we navigate.  And though these miseries are rocking our boats, there is still the microcosm which is our own inner universe. This is a different kind of seascape. This inner universe is affected by the outer but the deeper in we go, the more we are able to consciously, from the inside out, envision a world we choose. As we create inwardly, we see over time the more “real” this can become outside of us. Using meditation, creative visualization and recording dreams, we may find that some measure of hope and renewal can be grasped even against the worst, most unimaginable circumstances.  We can create an inner realm where all is well, and where we see ourselves as a part of peace, abundance, miracles coming true, the impossible as possible. And instead of feeling defeated by the huge problems we feel invading our vessels and our souls, we can be part of a wondrous change.

I nurture my sense of “going inward” often by read accounts of Near Death Experiences. They have always fascinated me and over and over we are told by those who have had a glimpse of what happens when we die, the same truths revealed. The main message seems to be that if we focus on small acts of kindness, being true in our personal relationships and attending to or loving others the best we can,  we will have learned well.

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Spirit Paintings by Elaine Clayton


Spirit Painting/ copyright 2010 Elaine Clayton 

Commissions for Spirit Paintings come in throughout the year. I consider it a privilege to offer this as a healing art, as each painting is created in meditation in honor of the recipient. I keep the commission fee lower than low for these so that really anyone who truly wants one could have one. No two are alike, just as no two people are exactly alike, and with each painting, a new and different image arrives. Sometimes there is a narrative feel, other times a symbolic kind of energy. My intention is to allow whatever would most benefit the recipient to emerge on canvas.

A Recent Spirit Painting: Created as Creators

 Spirit Painting / Elaine Clayton copyright 2013

We were created into being as creators in our own right. When I’m commissioned to do a Spirit Painting, I feel this.  My intention is to create whatever would best serve the one it is being created for. It is a form of prayer, a meditation on behalf of that individual. Most are done for people I have never seen or met, so I have no idea what they like or what their internal aspirations are or anything. But I ask for imagery to flow through according to what would best serve that person.

I have always experienced a certain feeling while creating, and it is that of  the thrill of enchantment, depth of emotion and excitement. There is an adventurous quality to creative work because the creative process is one that puts you in the moment without knowing where it will all go. In Genesis, when God created the world, there was the breath of life and the spoken word, to “be” and breathe and to state intention. In other words, I have to be in control enough to paint, but spontaneous enough to feel truly alive, so the artwork also, hopefully, feels truly alive.  I believe being creative is to be open to the indwelling Spirit that breathes life into all of us. A painting needs to do the same, to not just reflect that spirit but to breathe life into the viewer.  And only the viewer knows when this happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. But I won’t let a painting leave my studio if this has not happened, in fact I cannot paint unless I feel the stirring of the excitement and emotion, of breathing life into something while I work.

Into the Moon

Into the Moon, Inward Journey Elaine Clayton copyright 2013

On earth, we learn in increments of time and space. We have a linear concept of life and life’s lessons (“first this happened, then that and now….”). And yet what once happened is no more than a shadow we revisit inwardly, a cinematic recording. We still learn from those recordings by remembering them, playing them in our minds, as we create our life  forward. Yet love is not subject to time, love is present, forever, within ourselves and everyone and everything around us. Enlightenment is love entering our interactions; we exist in  3-D opportunities that, from moment-to-moment, become recorded “spiritual films” of our experiences. When love is ignored or made absent by our choices or the free will of others, we know it because it is a glimmer of hell. I want to be in that love that is pure light, and each situation in life gives me a chance to see where I still have shadows within.






Fu Dog: The Guardian Lion Dog Reincarnated

Fu Dog /Acrylic and pastel on paper/ Elaine Clayton copyright 1997

I had a collie I very much loved as a child. I had a lot of deep emotions about this dog that I was not very conscious of having, and a dream along with another event healed me in unexpected ways. When I was about twenty five, I had a dream that I saw my collie, and I walked over, sat down and embraced him. I slowly realized that actually, he was a lion, not a dog. I felt I might be in danger hugging a lion like that. But then the dream switched, even though I was still in the same place. It was as if a screen was lowered to help me understand. A Chinese Fu dog, shimmering and magical, was dancing the most adorable dance. A few months later, I happened to walk by a pet store and desperately wanted to “rescue” one from the place. It was a furry fuzz ball of a puppy, but it seemed to pick ME. So I bought this dog and on the way out of the store, the attendant said to me, “Here’s a book that will tell you about this kind of dog.” I knew nothing, but looking at the little book saw that it was a Shi Tzu and inside it said, that this dog breed was known as Fu Dog or “Lion Dog”. I felt slammed by that, in a good way. I kept thinking, “What if my dream about my beloved dog from childhood was telling me that he was coming back in the form of a new dog, a protector, a lion. A lion dog?” Having this extremely interesting dream connection and the new dog in many ways healed me in that the dog provided companionship and unconditional devotion as well as a lesson in responsibility, grounding me. I still feel this dream and many others are spiritual signs and worth paying attention to. Over the years, my artwork has included Fu Dogs I like to connect to the feeling of synchronicity and guardianship, emotional and physical. (My current dog is a pug, also very much a Fu Dog, she literally dances and prances).

You Are One with Spring, With Everything


Once a few years ago, I was dreaming (just before waking up at dawn) and was hovering over some rocks and plants. I had the complete sensation of being not just one with everything, but of BEING everything.  The feeling was as if in an instance, but a forever kind of feeling. I can’t really explain it, but I felt I was not limited to this body, I was everywhere all at once. Now that it’s spring, I love walking around outside and trying to feel myself blend in with everything, the trees, the leaves, the sky. The blurry leaves shimmering in the distance, the rocks and even the air. When I do this I feel a kind of “zing” that is elating and for a moment I almost have that “I am everything, everywhere” feeling again.

When Visions are Premonitions: Was This a West, Texas Premonition?

Was this a premonition vision?

This is a repost of an illuminara.com post I put up in 2012. In this meditation/astral vision (I was fully conscious and felt I was being “instructed” or shown important things) I saw a terrible explosion, or rather the smoke plumes following a fire or explosion. The image in the right at top is a small watercolor and ink sketch I made of the vision. There were explosions in an open plains area. I’m originally from Texas so I know the feeling of standing on land that is so wide and so flat, you can see for miles beyond. In this vision, there were explosions far in the horizon but clearly visible and clearly very momentous and dire. I thought of it when I heard about the West, Texas explosion. In the vision, however, there were 3 plumes of smoke, not just one and I am not sure why.  The crater image on the top left of this meditation sketch reminds me of all the reports of sinkholes we see lately. This crater like opening was full of sand, so I felt it was a beach area or coastal kind of event. I felt like I could intensely see each grain of sand (this kind of sharpness of vision in astral meditations is often experienced). And as far as undersea volcanoes or quakes, seen at the bottom, I am open to learning what this may mean.  I do not expect what I see in visions to always or necessarily ever come true, I just try to have the courage to share what comes to me if it feels especially sharp, clear and gripping. I’m happy if anything scary does not come true, of course. I think we all have an ability to perceive precognitive information, it is only a matter of paying attention and writing or drawing what comes. These may just as often be wonderful, beautiful visions as they may be dire and worrisome in nature. I do not like to spread negativity or fear, but acknowledging difficulties or challenges is a positive and caring approach in that we can be prepared and have time to shore up our resolve to love and flourish even amidst the hardships of earth-life.

The Psychomanteum: Dr. Raymond Moody, M.D., PhD’s Invention

I have been revising the new book, at this point in time entitled MAKING MARKS (Beyond Words/Simon and Schuster) and that (plus scheduled reading sessions) is where all my studio time has gone in the last few weeks. But I’ve wanted to write about my visit to Dr. Raymond Moody, MD, PhD and  Yoga guru (she is a serious yoga practitioner, teacher), Cheryl Moody’s home. To be with my absolute Soul Sistah (Cheryl and I have so much in common and I cannot express enough how fun-loving and deep she is–a person with honesty, integrity) and to talk with Raymond about a variety of thoughts and ideas was enjoyable and inspiring. And one of the highlights of my visit was being able to experience Dr. Moody’s psychomanteum. This is what his site, www.lifeafterlife.com says about it:

The Psychomanteum is a chamber invented by Dr. Moody, but inspired by the ancient techniques used for 2500 years at the Oracle of the Dead in Ephyra Greece. A visitor to the Psychomanteum often experiences contact with departed loved ones. For further explanation and understanding watch Through the Tunnel & Beyond or readReunions. The process takes several hours and is not to be taken lightly. For more information email us at mail@LifeAfterLife.com

My own experience of it was fascinating. In my own 3rd eye spiritual vision, I’m noticing I develop more and more as time goes by and as I pay attention to it, cultivating it. I didn’t know when I entered the chamber (dark so you can truly relax into hypnogogic visions) that anything very different would happen when compared to seeing visions otherwise. (I said a prayer of protection, asking God to allow me to see only what was best for me, according to Divine Will, which I do before any meditation and before almost anything, actually). And as I sank in and opened up my senses, a lot went on that I had not quite experienced before. An hour zoomed by and I was only getting started! I knew that I was beginning to perceive on a different level and something about the dedication and focus stayed with me, as though I had deepened a sense of seeing within myself. I was invited to go back inside the psychomanteum the next evening and visions increased.

If you’re at all interested and serious about developing your spiritual 3rd eye seeing abilities, this might be for you. Otherwise, you will not find a more caring and brilliant guide–Dr. Moody is a genius, but one with a heart. He is a medical doctor and a philosopher, the original Near Death Experience pioneer and his knowledge is staggering (and I mean that), but his gentle humor and soul is that kind of love and compassion that makes the world go ’round.