Spirit Paintings

For years now I have received commissions for works I call “Spirit Paintings”. These paintings are for individuals who wish to have their very own unique spiritual realm created. In this visual-intuitve meditation, I begin by entering into a meditative state.  I focus on allowing imagery to emerge that would most benefit the person the painting is intended for (though I do not know most of the people who commission these paintings, the process is a very exciting and rewarding approach for me and the client). I allow spiritual messages to emerge while I create these Spirit Paintings. It is an intuitive and powerful process.

Spiritual signs and messages emerge in the form of color, light and figurative imagery. My intention in this creative and intuitive work is to generate positive energy and enlightenment for each person through visual imagery. I keep the commission price for these very low, so anyone who wishes may have a painting all their own, unique and created with joy. Spirit Paintings hold the energy of the intention set in motion for the owner, be it a prayer for guidance or help in manifesting dreams and goals.

Acrylic on stretched canvas. From $275.00 for approx. 6 x 9 inch painting.  Use the contact form , or call (203) 557-3937 to request a price list for all sizes available and to begin the process of creating your Spirit Painting.