I am a Reiki Master and have found it to be a wonderful, life changing healing modality. We can use conscious intention and visualization to create healing in our bodies and to create emotional wellbeing. Reiki allows us to take charge of ourselves and bring in healing energy where it is needed most.  We learn from our illnesses and from the process of healing, through empowerment of self.  My Reiki sessions are all about your empowerment through your healing process. I provide Reiki (with individually created Chakra Charts which help us learn where and how our emotional and other energies get stored or sent to specific areas of the body, and how to release the energy) and Reiki Healing Drawings.  I offer Reiki healing work in Connecticut, and in New York City at a superb holistic health and wellness center, Fitness Results on 5th Avenue in Chelsea.

“I received your Chakra Drawing in the mail yesterday. It is entirely beautiful. So mystical. I am sure it will reveal many more truths as I go through my travels. I am grateful to you. Please know how much of a positive impact you have made on my healing process. The Reiki you provided was a gift and a privilege to receive.”  —William Carelton

“Of all the healings I’ve ever had, yours I really felt—and afterwards felt good for a long while. I took a walk yesterday evening and plan to do it again today.” —S.U.

Reiki Room at the Cottage Studio

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art, a gentle-touch therapy. In becoming a Reiki practitioner, one assumes the honor and responsibility of allowing the Life Source, or “Universal Life Energy” to pour through and heal the self and others. This is called the “Attuning” and it is a life-changing event.  To attune to heal and allow that energy to channel through me to heal others and the self is one of the greatest gifts in my life.

Throughout my childhood my dad, who is an osteopath, taught all of us in the family that everything is connected in the body, and that for it to work and be well, we must understand the interconnectedness of our joints, muscles, organs, nerves, etc.  Reiki teaches us that Universal Life Energy is what gives our body the ability to balance all its facets, and to heal itself.

It’s all about energy: We are energy, everyone and everything around us is energy in one form or another.  It is seemingly invisible and yet most powerful. Our spirit energy is joined with the energy of the mind and body, and tuning into our emotional, spiritual and physical energy is key to healing and feeling a sense of well-being.

Use the contact form to schedule a Reiki session with me in New York City or in Connecticut, or to request a Reiki Healing Drawing.

Reiki sessions are $100 for one hour.

Reiki Healing Drawings are $25.

From The Paideia Tree of Life mural/2011