Programs: Empathy Through Drawing

gesturepix3“Elaine has collaborated with the Westport Public Library’s Children’s Department to bring drawing programs for children in a new and exciting way. Elaine combines her artistic talents with a unique ability to inspire people to unleash their creativity in a dynamic and supportive environment. Everyone had a great time—can’t wait to have her back!” —Deborah White, Librarian, Westport Public Library, Westport, Connecticut

I offer art-based programs and workshops for individuals and groups of all ages.  Over the years, I’ve loved doing these workshops in museums, libraries, schools/colleges and art centers. Click here to see my article about this program in Intuitive-Connections Newsletter/ Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies.

To see a mural I created especially for The Paideia School Elementary Library in Atlanta, click here.


This workshop for adults and young adults, is centered on the self-discovery methods, the subject of my new book MAKING MARKS: DISCOVER THE ART OF INTUITIVE DRAWING. Participants learn to reclaim freely drawing as a wonderful tool for creative expression, releasing tension and introspection.  Participants thrill at drawing with abandon, playfully bringing back their stream-of-consciousness flow of thought and feeling. The second component to this enriching workshop is to explore artistic visual intelligence, gazing at the marks they’ve made to see if the lines and shapes hold meaning for them. There is individual exploration and partners work together. To schedule a Stream Drawing workshop, just contact me here on this site


This workshop covers the steps taken when using the intuitive stream drawing method taught in MAKING MARKS: DISCOVER THE ART OF INTUITIVE DRAWING. We explore drawing freely, with intention, to solve problems or ask life’s questions. Working with others, we learn to use the steps of Drawing with Emotion, Gazing, Trust Your Words and Discover and Connect covered in the MM book. This is a workshop for people interested in developing intuitive intelligence and for healing arts practitioners. To schedule a group workshop in your area, contact me here

Christine and Carol discussing their stream drawingsPartners drawing and discussing together at a recent Intuitive Stream Drawing workshop in Virginia (in a retreat-like lovely setting!) 


“Emotional and intuitive intelligence is what creates a feeling of well-being and focus in students, helping children thrive during school hours.”

Children who feel a sense of well-being and emotional security in schools are better able to focus and thrive during the school day. This workshop which I have developed over several years is uplifting and thrilling to do with children as it increases confidence and self empowerment while also encouraging peers to support and care for one another. (DRAWING OUT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE has been called different names over the years “Easel Ease” and “Drawing with the Third Eye”).

The idea behind DRAWING OUT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is to support children while they center themselves and pay attention to their own process of focusing (while being supported by the peer group to self-focus).

*Children learn to focus intently, to use their eyes to see the subject before them (a student peer) fully and with compassion. “Seeing” a subject (a living, breathing human being, posing).

*Children learn self-trust, students begin to absorb visual information rapidly, and act on it by allowing their hands to make marks quickly to express the information they have gathered about that living person standing before them (without self-consciousness or fear of being ridiculed or criticized).

*Children are encouraged not to block information received from their field of vision and from their emotional core. As they practice seeing in this heart-centered, intuitive way, students make marks based on that intuitive knowledge without editing out of fear of being “wrong”. This increases the creative self-trust that must be present in a creative thinker and thriving learner in school.

*In this exercise, students draw based on seeing and feeling, or sensing what the person they are observing/drawing is feeling (which is expressed in the gesture). Drawing with compassion is to capture someone’s essence as seen in their gesture after truly regarding them from the heart.

*Students learn that making marks can be about compassion and caring (not just about fears of grades and being graded), which means the environment in school is open and caring, emotionally constructive and beneficial, a supportive environment for learners.

This exercise is about compassion and intelligence. Yours, mine, and everyone present.

Most of the marks made by children in school are subject to scrutiny and grading, which can create a fear of expression and hinder young writers and artists, leading to writer’s block and self-esteem issues. This fear or lack of self-esteem around writing usually does not just go away, and can literally block adults from thinking they are capable as writers or artists or creators of their world. In this exercise, we unlock the fear of being judged, and encourage the making of marks based on our unedited, first response knowledge, trusting our minds, feelings and skills to guide the way. This exercise helps students claim their feelings and thoughts, without judgment in order to develop a strong voice, which is essential to becoming a writer or abstract thinker of any kind.


DRAWING OUT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is not just for children: the program is effective, fun and mind-expanding for all ages. I have done this workshop with college students and pre-schoolers, large and small groups, and for individuals who wish to develop their creative skills. All levels of awareness are heightened and in group sessions, working as a team to encourage everyone in this activity is one of its strengths. This exercise encourages cooperation, respect and joy in self discovery, the discovery of others and their experiences.

To inquire about a DRAWING OUT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE session, email or call (203) 557-3890.

See you at the easel!


U.S. Senator Chris Murphy visited us at a recent Drawing Along the Saugutuck program at the Westport Public Library.  For a few summers in a row (just before school starts) I have been so lucky to have the Westport Public Library host a wonderful drawing experience outside along the Saugutuck. I hope you’ll join us this summer!

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