Intuition Development Program: Intuitive Stream Drawing Certification

Become a certified Intuitive Stream Drawing Reader!

After MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing was published in May, so many people (life and skills coaches, teachers, intuitives, artists, writers, etc) from all around the world have asked me for guidance in learning to develop this visual-intuitive method. I am thrilled to  support others on their journey using intuitive stream drawing to support others on their journey, so I have developed a unique certification program.

In NYC and CT The Intuitive Stream Drawing Certification classes will take place at the wellness center where I practice readings and Reiki, on 5th Avenue in NYC and in my CT studio. If you’d like to register to join a small group or one-on-one certification course, email me here:  SIGN UP FOR FALL-WINTER 2014 CLASSES in NYC and CT!

On Location in Your Area*  I love traveling to teach this method–I will go on location to your area to conduct group workshops ( small or large) for certification. If you’d like more details and to schedule me to come to you, email me here:

Intuitive Stream Drawing Certification is offered as an intensive one day training session with 1 to 2 one-on-one follow-up sessions with me, or in 4 separate classes, one-on-one, provided over several weeks. Tuition is $500.00 per person.

* A minimum of 5 people is required for me to travel outside the NYC tri-state area

Is it time to listen to that voice within? Develop your intuition through discovery and experimentation!

Learn to do your own readings for yourself and others.

For years I’ve given programs in schools, libraries and museums, using gesture drawing to help people develop confidence in creative expression and intuitive, empathic sensing.

Intuitive Stream Drawing: I’ll show you my technique known as “Intuitive Stream Drawing” (detailed in my new book, MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing / Simon and Schuster/Beyond Words, due out in 2014) drawing in a free-style state which opens you to creative solutions and intuitive connections.


This workshop for adults and young adults, is centered on the self-discovery methods, the subject of my new book MAKING MARKS: DISCOVER THE ART OF INTUITIVE DRAWING. Participants learn to reclaim freely drawing as a wonderful tool for creative expression, releasing tension and introspection. Participants thrill at drawing with abandon, playfully bringing back their stream-of-consciousness flow of thought and feeling. The second component to this enriching workshop is to explore artistic visual intelligence, gazing at the marks they’ve made to see if the lines and shapes hold meaning for them. There is individual exploration and partners work together. To schedule a Stream Drawing workshop, just contact me here on this site


This workshop covers the steps taken when using the intuitive stream drawing method taught in MAKING MARKS: DISCOVER THE ART OF INTUITIVE DRAWING. We explore drawing freely, with intention, to solve problems or ask life’s questions. Working with others, we learn to use the steps of Drawing with Emotion, Gazing, Trust Your Words and Discover and Connect covered in the MM book. This is a workshop for people interested in developing intuitive intelligence and for healing arts practitioners. To schedule a group workshop in your area, contact me here

Christine and Carol discussing their stream drawings

Two participants drawing and discussing at a recent Intuitive Stream Drawing Workshop in Virginia

Memory Divination: Using ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL with CARDS, combined with Intuitive Heart techniques*, we’ll explore how memory and personal life story informs us and will always guide us.

Dream Divination: Using ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL with CARDS we will explore dreaming for each other and discover how our dreams can heal us and guide us, connecting us to the divine within and enabling us to serve one another in the process.

Intuitive Readings: You will practice giving intuitive readings with ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL with CARDS as part of this course (and build confidence through experience!)

What you get:  Certification participants will learn two important practices:  One, to use drawing as an intuitive visual tool for expression, creative insight, empathic and intuitive sensing.  Two, you will learn the exciting and complex methods of reading or “seeing into” an intuitive stream drawing, and the necessary skills for verbally conveying the visual content.  This means you will develop your own intuitive-visual language as well as the healing practice of sharing your insights on behalf of others.

What you will need:  You will need a blank sketchbook (8 x 10 or 9 x 12 approx.), art pencils and/or pens.

To inquire about this program, email or call (203) 557-3937.

Tuition: $500.00