2015 and Making Change: Number 5 in Stream Drawings


Detail of a recent intuitive stream drawing reading: Can you see two number 5’s here? One is large, behind the one I colored in green. It also had marks through it so it looked like a dollar sign. The boot-shape beside it made me think of “kicking into money” or that “money is getting the boot” –we either need more and feel it’s kicked away from us, or we get seriously kicking and make the money we need. This showed up in a life experience view and for the subject, it related to a job change underway, and the subject’s wish to get more assertive about goals.

Have you ever wanted a change (of job, of location, of partner, etc.) and it just would not come, and you felt stuck? Or life was going so well and you did not want anything to change at all and suddenly–wham! Life shifted–something happened to force change (like a job ending, a relationship altering or an unexpected relocation suddenly upon you)? We live in a time now of such sudden extremes. In a flash, things can change. Or in a moment of revelation, the deep desire and need for a shift in life’s direction is realized, by surprise often. Sometimes it is outside circumstances that force change. Those can be weather related (“nobody had time to run from the tornado and it flattened every house on the block”) or health related or political and even, sadly, terrorism of all kinds which cause abrupt and shocking life-ending or life-altering circumstances.

Even small, typical daily changes can feel like great inner-earthquakes to us, it doesn’t even have to be a dramatic and extreme current event to make it drastically uncomfortable to wrestle with change (like first thing in the morning, “What??? We’re out of coffee!!!”). On Eldon Taylor’s Provocative Enlightenment radio show this week, it was mentioned that a particular tribe used only verbs to describe objects. Movement was the nature of life to this tribe (and I think is our true nature). Nothing is static–it is all movement, all the time. It only appears static or still but the atoms are moving, moving, moving. We are made up of that which moves at the speed of light!

Often, in intuitive stream drawings, a number 5 is present. For me, this number has always stood for mobility of some kind. It reminds me of a chariot or wheel chair–moving forward. It is (for me) a masculine kind of number. When I was a kid, I thought my best buddy, Bobby Levy was a number 5. He looked like a number 5 to me (and so does Charlie Brown!) and was so friendly that this number came to mean friendliness to me as well. It is an uneven number so it reminds me of imbalance–the kind of imbalance that causes us to make a shift or desire a shift. It can have both the “light” and “shadow” about it–change that feels negative, change that feels positive and eventually, we can experience it all as positive in that to live, we must prevail through even the most awful experiences.

When you stream draw to unwind or to intuit your emotions and process your thoughts upon reflecting on the drawings, notice if you see any number 5 shapes in the drawing. What does that signify for you? You may have a totally different take or understanding of the number 5. What matters most is how it speaks to you and what that does for you as you make your conscious choices. The coming New Year is change–we can make the best changes in 2015!

Creating Yourself Into a New Year Through Stream Drawing


Drawing freely, in that flowing and open practice that I call “stream drawing” or “intuitive stream drawing” feels so good. It allows us to be with our thoughts and feelings in a way that is as easy as breathing. While creating stream drawings (by drawing what feels good to draw, by closing your eyes or using your non-dominant hand because that helps loosen you up), the unconscious is allowed to arrive before you on the surface of the paper, through lines and shapes (which are very emotive to draw!), and feelings get worked out. Impressions and associations about life based on personal experience become more than just impressions we carry within, they become artfully expressed and may be the beginning of good new ideas, changes or resolutions. Sometimes we are not even aware of this happening, we simply enjoy the time we had drawing, it shifts the mood or enhances the feeling of empowerment. That’s because drawing is an act of self-will, it is a very powerful tool to use while you create yourself into a new year. Just draw what you like, draw what feels fun and easy for you and enjoy it!

An Intuitive Stream Drawing that Changed My Consciousness


This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Virginia to do readings and an intuitive stream drawing workshop (based on the intuitive method in my new book, MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing). At one point in the workshop, we broke into teams of two and did stream drawings for one another. I’d like to share what happened in my one-on-one with a partner. I told him I’d hold a concern in my mind and heart, but would not tell him what it was. He promised me he’d close his eyes and using his non-dominant hand, would draw in my honor, to help me (even though he didn’t know my concern, or know me at all). The drawing was very meaningful to me!  My partner showed me his drawing and then shared with me what he saw in it, while gazing at it. He saw a mountain peak right away. It immediately spoke to me. He didn’t know it, but the concern I had was that of worry as a mother having a high school senior about to graduate to move on in life. I dreaded the mountain peak, which my partner said, “Has a snowcap.” Could it be that my son would go to a college very  far away in the Northwest (I would prefer he not go so far away!)? This had been a worry of mine! see below, upper right snow cap image I validated that he was on the right track. Excited, I began to show him other things that I saw that was validation– we got into a fun and easy-going conversation about his stream drawing. We saw various things such as “a strong arm” and he helped me realize that I’d have to “let go, don’t hold on so tight” to my young adult son.  (Wise words!). And then I saw, to my amazement, that the entire stream drawing had a shape of a bear, in a dress. This is significant because my life lesson with my sons was to learn to advocate for them, like a “mother bear”. The bear has a tight grip (gulp–learn to let go now) and seems to have a little surrender flag up near it’s head. see above image Should I surrender control and instead let my son’s life take the course that he wants it to take, rather than holding on so tight? I think so. THANK YOU for the insight! I have learned something. I faced that this was a new time, with new lessons in life and parenting ahead. And that drawing really helped me change my viewpoint,  I was not even fully conscious of the need to acknowledge that I was perhaps unwilling to let go. (And these drawings are to be read “multi-dimensionally”, like a dream, they never stop offering new perspectives, new ways of perceiving. There is no absolute here, it’s about discovery and seeing what you see and embracing it, keeping an open mind to possible other views.)



Recent Spirit Painting: Pearls and Spirals


A recent Spirit Painting  Elaine Clayton copyright 2014

It is such a privilege to create these paintings for individuals, because going into meditation and painting for an another person (most of whom I have never met or spoken with) with their wellbeing and soul purpose held in my heart, makes me feel connected to something eternal. I feel sort of pulled in a certain direction as images arrive, kind of like going on an excursion without a map but sensing and feeling my way. No two are the same, of course, as each one of us are unique. Somehow, someway, the paintings and the images they depict connect to the individual’s life or hold meaning for them, it is uncanny. I can’t explain it, I just thoroughly enjoy it. There is something great going on here with life, we’re connected in mysterious ways. No matter how hard life can be, there is a stream within each of us that gives us a knowing and a feeling for others, all we have to do is be willing to “go with the flow” as they say, and we find ourselves in anyone we encounter. We find life, longing, loving, joys and sorrows. These paintings remind me to celebrate others and to remember we are One in that we are made in God’s image as powerful creators.

Pomegranate Picking: Choosing Abundance and Joy


Pomegranite Picking


Pomegranates Picking/ ink and watercolor Elaine Clayton copyright 2014

I remember the era of life when I realized that I was not happy and did not have abundance and it was time to choose to change that. Every moment is one to see the love or see the shadows, see the light or get lost in the dark. I don’t always see the love, I am not always bringing love through myself, but for the most part, I learned the hard way to bask in joy instead of cynicism, anger or negative thoughts. I regret negative words I’ve said in my life, and I still work on this, I think being conscious of it has helped me grow.

Sometimes the world we’re in is so polarized, it seems hell-bent toward destruction. How do I keep positive with so much hatred and extremism? I am not sure, but it really is the only choice I have, I’m not going back to choosing (unconsciously or consciously) shadows and darkness. Maimonides taught that the joys we pass up on in life, the good things we could have received but said no to, those are all instances we will have to apologize for in the after-life. Imagine standing in the presence of God, watching a movie of your life, seeing all the negative words, choices and the good things that flowed to us that we rejected. I know I’ll be having to witness some of those, and probably some great stuff that was coming my way that my negative attitude or actions may have kept from coming fully to me–these are all my responsibility. So, I hope I get to see a life-movie that shows some absolutely glorious days of taking this earth time I’ve got, moment by moment, and being filled with LIGHT, in celebration of the good in life, even in these strange, often painful days.

Become a Certified Intuitive Stream Drawing Reader

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be offering a new Intuitive Stream Drawing Certification program so that anyone who would like to use the intuitive stream drawing method can do so with confidence and integrity. I have had so many people contact me since the book came out in May, wanting to learn more about how to use this wonderful method, that I am now offering classes at the 5th Avenue wellness center (where I practice Reiki and readings) and in CT, as well as on location (yes, I’ll come to you and your group–large or small). Send me a message through the Intuitive Readings page here on illuminara, or contact me via elaineclaytonreadings@gmail.com if you’d like to know more details.

Sign up now for FALL/WINTER certification in NYC and CT!  Let’s make marks together!



Do You Feel “At Home”? A Journey of the Heart and Soul



This is one of the 40 Illuminara Intuitive Journal cards. I painted it thinking of my birth place and the Texas landscape that was to be my idea of what the world was in my first decade of life. I think of going home when I choose it randomly, it brings up many thoughts and feelings for me. This is what it looks like in the Texas Panhandle where I was born and lived until about 10 years old. It hits me hard to realize that at the most foundational level within me, is this place, this extreme flat land with characteristics unlike any place I’ve lived since. I remember being myself in the most unconscious way, I had not thought about who I was, I just WAS “me”. Once we moved, I began to be very self-conscious and noticing drastic differences in people and places. So when I see this card, I am struck by that true, authentic cowgirl/tomboy “me” that I was, from a long line of Texans on my dad’s side, and how I had 10 years to live in that totally present self. After that time, I have visited many places, lived in many, and have been exposed to all kinds of life lessons, yet I have never felt “at home” in that same way. What does “at home” mean to me now? It means finding my soul, connecting with my heart, being myself and genuine, true to who I am. It means expressing myself and respecting others. I am at home in my own skin.

Right now, I am totally immersed in Judaism with all its ancient wisdom and mystical richness. I “came home” to myself in many ways when I finally started studying Hebrew and chanting the prayers in the Siddur. This would seem to have taken me far from home, but instead it feels like going back home. Maybe it was that menorah Mom had or all the Levy family who we were so close to, and who my dad and all of us grew up with  in Texas, or Jesus who I knew to be a Jew, wondering why everyone wasn’t then just Jewish if he was?  Maybe it was past lives. All I know is that I love being home within, in that way I cannot verbalize.

What is “being home” for you?



Warmth and Compassion, Or Honk Your Horn at a Kid?

spiritpaintingmena copy

This painting was, I do believe, my first-ever Spirit Painting. It was commissioned by a person I had and still have never met, for her grand-daughter. I remember feeling such compassion and healing energy while I painted it for her. Seven years or more have gone by since this first one.

I think each of us has a small sphere of sunlight radiating from within, which is our soul. Recognizing the dignity in each other makes our souls glow. Loving our surroundings, feeling close to nature, brings me to a feeling of being close to God.

This morning, the second day of school, a teenage high school girl was being dropped off and was getting out of the car while there was a line of cars behind her. She was taking a little bit of time, gathering her things. I was directly behind her waiting to pull up and let my sons and a friend of theirs get out. My sons and their friend got out and walked the few extra steps up to the entrance of the building, rather than waiting for me to be able to pull up a bit closer to the school entrance. But the people in the car behind me honked at the girl for taking too long. It was a harsh and unfriendly sound to hear on an otherwise calm and sun-filled morning. This girl thought I had done it, and gave me a hurt and annoyed look. I opened my window and said, “I didn’t honk at you, it wasn’t me!” I should have stepped out of my car and asked the driver behind me to consider whether or not honking at a (most likely) nervous teenager on the second day of school is really going to help the world at all. Where was the warmth and care? How do we teach our kids to have warmth and care if we don’t show it? Everyone loses patience at times, but we don’t have to get hasty and mean.

It could be that every moment is an opportunity to chose warmth and care over the shadow side of life. I’d rather try to keep my soul glowing and see the flicker of that light in the eyes of others, especially children.

Mayyim Hayyim: Healing Waters




Mikvah / Elaine Clayton copyright 2014

I recently immersed in the mikvah, holy and blessed water, mayyim hayyim. I did this because I love healing rituals and because I think there is something sacred about renewing the body and spirit symbolically–I needed to do that. You can do this in the ocean, I have done it before (just stating the prayer intention to heal, to be renewed as I swam).  In Judaism, it is one of the commandments, or mitzvot, to honor God’s wishes by immersing in water. (Not everyone likes some of the sexist-feeling aspects of women having to immerse after their menstruation, for example, because it implies we are “unclean”, but some of that is, I think, due to the fact that commandments were developed centuries ago when that was probably arguably good hygienic advice. Now we know menstruation is not a health threat to anyone, won’t make anyone ill or hurt anyone. And yet, Orthodox Jews still go by the ancient ways and there have been many who say it is a spiritually fulfilling practice.)

I immersed as a way to acknowledge a willingness to heal, to be blessed by God, to surrender to the will of God while consciously choosing life, choosing vitality and empowerment. For me, the mikvah is a symbolic ritual inviting me to see the opportunity to thrive in a way that aligns me with God.  I personally can’t feel I am thriving without that alignment. And I need to step out of the ordinary daily routines to make that spiritual connection.

If you are Jewish and have any experience with going to the mikvah, or strong opinions about it, I’d love to hear them. If you are Christian, you will remember in Isaiah the Pool of Siloam, and in the Christian bible, that Jesus healed people and sent them to Siloam, the Jewish mikvah. And some Jewish scholars refer to John the Baptist as “John the Mikvah Man” since he was immersing people in water to renew their spirit and connection with God.

Spirit Painting: The Valiant Nature of the Soul



Spirit Painting / Copyright Elaine Clayton 2014

In this recent Spirit Painting, I had feelings of the human personality in contrast (yet in unison) with the soul. In other words, I felt that we get born and develop in a growing body and our personality evolves as we mature. We are all that has conditioned us and contributed to our sense of self. And then there is the soul-essence which, every now and then, we may feel very strongly, a deep inner sense of self. An identity not necessarily like the personality at all. The soul seems to be a force or source informing our sense of ideals and capacity to love, it is above our human responses often, and the more we remember who we truly are “deep down inside” as some would say, we begin to fully integrate, becoming more conscious, of our soul as we respond to the world around as human personalities within a body.

The person who commissioned this painting, I felt during meditation, has strong ideals and desire to go and do good in the world, with archetypal heroes built into the sense of self, and a powerful spiritual motivation to find support and offer support to others.