Choose Two: Using the Illuminara Intuitive Journal Cards

Two cards out of 40 from ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL with CARDS

In recent intuitive reading headings I have done in NYC, I have discovered with clients the power of two. Choosing one card (at random without seeing which card you are picking) and allowing feelings to arise, and thoughts, and memories is potent. Then choosing another card at random and seeing what it brings up when beside the first chosen card is even more rich. It is more rich because the two card images together kind of complete a story, or a thought or idea that needs expressing.

When you use the cards, be sure to play and be playful. Make up your own process and just simply see what the cards say to you. Once you know what each card symbolizes for you, you can ask in meditation for spiritual help and guidance. Pick a few cards and trust what they say to you. And if someone else comes to you for assistance or guidance, you can read for them by having them choose a card from the deck of 40 images and while you will want to ask them what the card means to them (so they can begin to tap into their own “inner library”) you will be able to trust and know that what the card means to you will in some way help this person. You can share your meaning and then encourage them to share what it means to them, especially with their concern in mind and heart.

The New Homeless: When the Middle Class Lose Everything

from my sketchbook dream journal/2012

I’m not too shy about putting my dreams out there. Go ahead and analyze this if you want to (Jungian, Freudian, etc.).  This dream, like only a few others, though, has that tinge of scary-real that makes me certain it was a premonition dream. You know it when you have one because premonition dreams are unlike other dreams in that there is a level of emotional finality and clarity that is hard to describe. However, as we can alter our fate, and not allow the future to devolve into tatters and ruin, we can hopefully stop this from happening.

The dream simply showed me  how many more people will become homeless. People who a few years ago would never have ever, ever thought this was a possibility.  And there were so many that they began to band together, all types, all ages. On the edges of suburbia they waited to take over homes that stood empty. A foreclosure here or there or whatever. They were desperate and hungry, but only months prior they had been dignified and enjoyed roles in society that properly reflected their education and/or life experience as good citizens. And now they were without shelter and in shock and in survival mode. Yet there were still many people who had homes, which caused a certain kind of tension, not unlike The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen.

Homelessness has been a problem for ages, there have always been homeless. But what is happening now in our society, all around the globe, is that the structure of our system is eroding and the gap between the extremely wealthy and the destitute seems to widen by the day. If there really is a 1% and a 99%, and things keep going in the same direction, it is not hard to imagine this dream actually happening. I hope and pray not, yet as I write this I realize it may be kind of happening in some places already.



We create a dimension of being based on how we perceive and what enters our belief system.  In a way, each moment is another moment to perceive anew, to slip into other ways of being (feeling, emoting and acting). How powerful is our perception to help us survive, and how powerful is it to help us thrive? We may have developed some perceptual notions based on past survival instincts (unconsciously or not) that we no longer need. Any of our perceptions can be altered, you usually feel it when it is time to shift into a new way of seeing and feeling and being. If you feel that coming on in some way, try shoving furniture around. The inward shift is easier when you take something heavy and move it. Seeing something real in your life get moved into a new position helps give us a new way of seeing from the inside out. Perceive yourself into your new self.

Chaos and Assemblage

A collage of separate pieces that were on my drawing table this morning/2012

I like taking separate, unrelated pieces and making sense of them by putting them together. There is a random surprise element to the chaotic being made harmonious (or not).  If we could see all the pieces of our lives, events, memories, emotions, phases of growth, etc. as separate sketches or art studies, would we see how all these random things we’ve experienced come together to sum us up?  But then, in another moment, all those pieces might get arranged differently, so we’re a constant work in progress. Makes me think we really are a sort of moving kaleidoscope of life experiences, choices and circumstances, little gems all working together.

Your Aura Colors and Your Emotional Energy

From my sketchbook/ink and watercolor

Try to see your emotions as color. And feel where they activate your body. Sitting here now, I feel a particular pressure in my throat. That color feels like it might be midnight blue-purple. I am sure I have communicated today, but do not necessarily feel resolved, so this might be why I have this energy in my throat chakra. The midnight blue color I “see” when I tune into this feeling simply reminds me to rest, to go deep and be calm. There is also a feeling of excitement in my solar/sacral chakras. I am happy, looking forward to tomorrow. This color feels yellow and white. Like sunshine. And I notice a feeling of stress between the eyes. Third-eye chakra wants me to stop seeing so hard, stop worrying. Relax. This color seems green and white, knitted or braided. I need to relax those worrying strands. I over think sometimes.

Tune in today to your emotions and your body and try and see the color of that feeling. To heal myself and feel well, I like to also see healing light as bright as ever, maybe sparkling colors or white misty streams flowing from head to toe, from up above me straight through me. Seeing the colors of all this energy is not just about seeing what is there, but about putting there what you need in order to have wellbeing.

Listen to Their Message: Birdsong in Spring

This is a commissioned piece I did for someone’s wedding gift/20120

In spring, the birds wake me up at pre-dawn as though they celebrate the entire universe. Do you hear it, too? Falling back to sleep, I fade into their birdsong as a swimmer through air, through branches with new buds and unfurling tender green leaves. Every moment unfurls, outwardly opening and reaching for sunlight, until the day has arrived and I have arrived with it.

Notes on Astral Travels

from one of my sketchbooks

Astral travel fascinates me. I often feel magnetically pulled to places without knowing why I am there. During these experiences, I’m obviously not in my physical body (and this can feel slightly awkward) but my sight is clearer than ever, almost heightened sight. As I am aware consciously during these episodes, I say things to myself like, “Oh my God, wow,” and “Why am I here?” but all the same, I take it in. One recent astral travel took me to a very high stone wall, and my perspective was from below the wall, looking up into the pleasant light and clear blue sky above. I had and still have no idea where I was. It felt like an ancient place, the rocks making up this wall were ancient looking, but somewhat round in shape. The clarity was stark.

Mostly, I take these travels as they come, rather than seeking out places to venture to, and I think this is good because I am not forcing my will, but allowing a free flow. Keeping a sketchbook journal about these experiences is good because, first of all, these experiences are very thrilling, and I just have to write them down. And also because I believe over time I will come to understand more and more about this.

Find Your Dream (My Letter from Maria Von Trapp)

My letter from Maria Von Trapp, which hangs in my studio

When I was in high school, I sought out mentors by writing them letters. I wrote a letter (and got one back) from Dr. George Ritchie, author of RETURN FROM TOMORROW, describing his Near Death Experience (a term Dr. Raymond Moody used to describe what all this research was showing about people who were pronounced dead and came back with profound stories of what they experienced–the two good doctors knew each other). I even wrote to psychic Jean Dixon and she also wrote me back but I lost it, I think. For ages it was in the dining room of our house in Columbus, Ga., in a drawer with cloth napkins for some reason I can’t explain. I wrote also to Maria Von Trapp, having since early childhood an undiluted determination to make real life be as idealistic as it was in that movie.  Maria Von Trapp wrote me back and I treasure that letter!  I guess in my letter to her I sought her general advice, and you can see for yourself what she said.