I Missed the Super Moon!

Detail of March Morning/2010

Last night I went out to gaze in astonishment at the Super Moon, but was disappointed when the clouds obscured it. There was a great area of soft pink cloud beyond dark tree branches. I imagined the moon was there, enormous and glowing like a pink pearl. I said some prayers for people and came back inside. I know it was there, even if I couldn’t see it. The moon for me symbolizes the natural instinct in me to identify with a higher power, with nature and the Divine, with mystery and love. I guess instead of looking up and out for that love, I should feel the glowing light from inside out. Divine love does not have to be something far away and out there, but a powerful presence within us all.

When Angels Appear Out of Nowhere

Monoprint Angel/2012

There are times when I’m not sure a person was real, or if they were actually an angel sent at just the exact right time. Once, traveling on a highway (I was in the passenger seat), the car spun out of control and swerved violently into a ditch. There was nobody in sight, no other car anywhere on this highway, and no way to get the car out of the ditch. I said a prayer, thinking of my Grandmother who had died (my mom’s mom) and within a minute or so a tow truck appeared (!) and the guy stopped and towed the car out of the ditch.  There have been many other instances where I’ve wondered, usually because the timing is right or there is some mystery surrounding a situation. Maybe we’re angels for each other in life, and we may never know how we have helped someone at just the right time.

Horse Intuition and Creative Visualization

One of my sketches of a girl’s riding lesson/2008

We are so visual, seeing what has not yet unfolded is more possible, I think, than we realize.  Some of what unfolds is in our own hands, probably much of what we experience. I used to play with my horse, pretending we were in the circus. This meant that trotting in circles and jumping small jumps in the ring felt fun for both of us.  I learned to visualize the next jump by seeing in my mind the two of us, me and my horse, smoothly rounding the corner and approaching and then leaping over a small cross rail. It helped us to work together as I had envisioned.  Every time I pictured the next move several seconds before doing it, the horse seemed to respond to it.  I’d think, “How can the horse see the image I have in my mind of us together heading into and executing the next jump?” But the more I used this visualization skill, the more smoothly these plans in the ring played out, and I felt so connected to the horse. That bond helped me feel safe while riding out through the woods and in the fields; the horse and I trusted each other and the emotional connection was strong.

Experimenting using creative visualization is an enriching practice because I believe it sets our creative will power in motion, and much of what unfolds is our very own vision of how we want to spend time, and how we want to respond. Seeing ourselves getting there “before we actually get there” is empowering. I miss playing these intuition games with horses, but enjoy watching my dogs and seeing how they sense what is about to unfold. Horses and dogs may sense and inwardly see what is to come.  My grandmother used to tell me that my dad’s dog would know when he was coming home, no matter what time of day he came home. The dog would begin to pace excitedly by the front door at least ten minutes before my dad walked into the house. My grandmother would know my dad was almost home because the dog tipped her off. He saw what was not yet materialized.

Atlanta On My Mind

From one of my sketchbooks during the years I lived in Atlanta

I enjoyed being a guest intuitive reader in Atlanta at Cafe Jonah and The Magical Attic. I loved the entire experience of being in Atlanta, really. One reason is that I miss the natural flow of good nature in most everyone. There truly is such thing as “Southern Hospitality”, and it matters and makes a difference. In Atlanta, I met a person from India coming to visit her son at Georgia Tech and she turned out to be another Reiki Master and spiritual healer so we had a lot in common. We started talking because the airport shuttle driver was so full of enthusiasm and effervescence that the energy was open-hearted and fun for the entire ride. Almost everyone nods and says hello, and people extend themselves in friendly gestures, opening doors for each other and things like that.  There is an open-hearted ease on people’s faces and more laughter than in many other urban places. Is it that the greenery is so lush and the flowers so fragrant that the connection to nature keeps people happy at heart there?  Maybe so, and maybe Dr. Martin Luther King’s spirit of love and peace is alive and well in “Hotlanna” as they say, “The City Too Busy To Hate”.

Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic This Tuesday

Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic in Buckhead

I’m so happy that I’ll be a guest author and intuitive reader at Cafe Jonah and the Magical Attic in Atlanta this Tuesday. Everything about it seems charming and desirable, especially the top rated food. But what could be more alluring in a cafe than a mind-body-spirit space upstairs? This seems like just what we all need: nurturing and healthy food with healing of heart and spirit, mind and body all in one place.  I’m enchanted!  I’ll be there from 11-4 with a few copies of ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL doing readings, talking, eating, being.

Owl and Earthquake Dream

Sketchbook/Dream Journal/ 2012

Last night my dreams were active, full of people and a sense of place.  In one part of the dream, I gazed at two owls for a while. One was ordinary in coloring, and one was highly rare and unusual, with beautiful blue feathers mixed in with white and brown feathers. I studied them wondering at them, and marveling at the blue feathers.  Then the dream shifted and in it I had awoken one morning to discover there had been a 3.5 earthquake. I remarked that I had not felt the earthquake but had sensed something odd in my sleep. (This actually happened once years ago–I dreamed of strange winds blowing and tornadoes, but woke up to learn there had been a small earthquake).  Now that I’m awake and thinking of the dream, I remember, too that during the dream I pondered what it would feel like to go through an earthquake inside a building vs outside, on the ground. I thought I preferred to be outside if ever I experienced one.  The other thing that registers for me is that owls can be symbolic of messages, signs or omens. I do wonder about that, and that I saw them in the dream before the earthquake in the dream. Any thoughts? Does this dream resonate with you at all?

Dandelion Girl (Paideia Tree of Life Mural)

Detail from the Paideia Tree of Life mural/2011

I love it when the flowers are in bloom, even the dandelions. George Carver did say, “A weed is a flower” and I think his heart was open to life which seems to me to be the essence of a loving a soul.

No Such Thing As A Bad Hair Day

From a sketchbook entry/2012

Part of life seems to be to work around the contours of a great cosmic force, trying to consciously grapple with the fruits of mystery in our universe and the practicalities and rules of law in the material world.  We wake up and have to roll with it all, responding in whatever way we choose.  Bad hair day or not, we’re on our way into another day, another chance to get to know who we really are by what and how we choose.

Whale Watching in Provincetown: Opening the Akashic Records

The whale rose out of the water feet from the boat, and we looked it in the eye before it slowly arced and went below the surface. (watercolor/2012)

I never dreamed that whale watching would turn out the way it did. I thought we’d be lucky if we saw a spout in the distance. I kept saying prayers from the heart, “Please come see us dolphins and whales! Come close to us!” I believed that would work because I had read that a native girl of Australia or New Zealand could summon whales by simply asking them to come (and of course I LOVE the movie Whale Rider).
I don’t take credit for it, but I will forever rejoice that what we saw was so spectacular, I can’t adequately express the thrill of it. Dolphins came so close to us, it was is if we were friends. Over and over they frolicked in the wake of the boat, and played with the whales, keying us as to where to look. We saw a great number of hump backs and fin-backed whales close by (unbelievably close) as well as many, many spouts and tails in the distance. Over and over we saw them come quietly out of the water and sink back below. We were mesmerized. I kept thinking of how whales symbolize the “Akashic Records”, the records of life, of everything that has ever happened. We each have our own personal record where everything we’ve ever experienced is recorded. It is sacred to see a whale because of the depth of the meaning of the Akashic Records.  I rarely post photos here on Illuminara.com, but today I have to share a few of these photographs in honor of the gift of seeing whales so close and so in abundance all around us.

The dolphins swam together, leaping out of the water. This particular one had a great time flying up and almost flipping in mid-air.

We were so close to them, I will never forget that feeling.

Walking On Turtles

Turtle keeps coming up in readings and dreams, leaving the feeling of a deep and rich presence of calm.  In one dream, there was an enormous turtle (as big as a car) with layers of turf, dirt on it. Grass literally covered it’s back. When I saw the turtle in the dream, I said (in the dream), “Oh, yes, I know this turtle. She has always been here.”

I’ve read that turtle symbolizes Mother Earth. The turtle in this dream gave a sacred calm as she was nearly one with the earth, a thick layer of grass on her back. She could rise up, and she could sink down low and be unseen.  We’d walk on her grassy back and never know it. Just like we walk upon the earth and mostly never give it much thought. Maybe we’re walking on a giant, calm, sacred turtle.