Longshore 50th Anniversary

This is a gallery of Westport Sketchbook drawings of Longshore.  These drawings appeared in www.westportnow.com, and many of them are also on view at Oscar’s Deli on Main Street in Westport.

This summer, I was delighted to see sails being folded and rolled up at the end of a beautiful day.

I have a great time drawing golfers at Longshore. I think the club grounds are inspiring, from the long drive up and through to the expanse of green decorated by trees near and far.

There are things I’m learning about golf since my thirteen year old son started to play at Longshore when we first moved here, when he was about ten years old.

The Pro Shop.

This Westport Sketchbook image appeared in www.westportnow.com

In winter I went to the Longshore PAL Ice Rink and huddled inside the enclosed pavilion to sketch all the skaters.

This is one of my favorite Westport Sketchbook drawings. I guess it was the fact that there was so much happy activity, it seemed to highlight what is best about Westport for me. (see also www.westportnow.com)

Drawing at the baby pool at Longshore Club Pool also provides me with endless visual treats, as the children are so adorable and the parents generally alert if not slightly on edge (“Where is my kid?” I remember this dad’s body language seemed to say, until a moment later he saw his toddler daughter was behind him to his right).

This is my favorite pool-side sketch, the baby pool again at Longshore. (see also www.westportnow.com)

Cooling off in the hottest June/July on record (?), this is a scene of sunset shadows on the Longshore Club Pool House. (see also www.westportnow.com)

In winter, after a really lovely snowfall, I went cross-country skiing with my sons over at Longshore Club Park. I saw a couple ahead of us, who probably were not at all aware that their ski poles made little heart-shaped tracks behind them. (see also www.westportnow.com)

I loved sketching under the trees while people played tennis at Longshore Club Park, where the courts are gloriously shaded along the edges, and the courts are nicely situated. (see also www.westportnow.com)

Happy Birthday, Longshore!   www.westporthistory.org/longshore50 and http://www.westporthistory.org/longshore50/blog/longshore-sketchbook/