I’ve been putting my images into film format for a while (making films for fun since high school days). While I work (and actually throughout the day) I sing and chant to myself as a way of aligning with my intuitive and spiritual nature. I’ve begun to use my own voice in the films I’m creating, hoping to ignite the viewer’s own unique process of tuning in to listen to the intuitive self .

BABY SEES ANGELS  IlluminaraArt Channel on Youtube

This is a stream-of-consciousness drawing done in one sitting, all about babies and how they perceive the ethereal.


Jane Eyre: Scenes From My Life

Jane Eyre: Scenes From My Life Part 2

Jane Eyre: Part 3 Mystery at Marsh-End

My summers in the mid 1980’s were spent being the art teacher at Paideia Summer Camp in Atlanta. Jerry Zalnoski, a great musician also working at the camp, lead the way in making camp (and campy) movies with the kids each week. We had not just a great time, I’d say it was magical. And we made some fun movies (notably, a remake of Godzilla, my favorite).  Every summer since those days, I have made films, usually bossing my own kids around too much. This summer, my sons were once again good sports and helped me make JANE EYRE: SCENES FROM MY LIFE. I’ll post all sequels and new movies here on  You can also go directly to Youtube, where you can find me @ IlluminaraArt Channel.