Illuminara Intuitive Journal with Cards

“I had a chance to interact with an ILLUMINARA card and it really surprised me how it brought up stuff so quickly.  I didn’t even have a chance to make any effort at all to be imaginative because there was an immediate reaction and I knew I was making an important discovery about myself that I needed to know right at that moment.” Henry Reed, PhD., World Renowned author, researcher and Director, Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies

“Clayton is gifted with immense artistic talent. In this rare book, she shows us how we can tap into the deep, quiet knowing we each have within. You’ll not find a finer, more thrilling path to your true visionary spirit.” Jerelle Kraus, Thirty-year Art Director, The New York Times, Author of ALL THE ART THAT’S FIT TO PRINT AND SOME THAT WASN’T): INSIDE THE NEW YORK TIMES OP-ED PAGE

The book is this powerful, very living creation — it will rock your perception of still life and former perception of two-dimensional energy that may not, after all, be restricted to two dimensions; dreams and archetypes; the collective unconscious that pulls EVERYMAN together no matter who they are or where / when they’ve come from.” C.A.

Deepen intuitive, psychic knowledge with this working journal and image cards as you participate in a visual, artistic approach to creating insightful, spiritual intelligence. Forty unique cards will activate creative thinking, allowing you to access your personal unconscious memory as you journal. Intuitive knowing springs from personal experience, while visual journaling will guide you toward knowing your inner realms. The cards provide a deeper understanding of life’s situations when used to conduct personal readings. Shaping new ways to see life’s situations, the cards will lead you to understand personal meanings. Apply intuitive intelligence to current and important pathways. Take an adventurous and enlightening journey through your own consciousness – you may be surprised who you find there!

  • An interactive technique to enhance intuition and deepen self-knowledge
  • Utilizes forty art cards and a personal journal to activate unconscious memory.
  • Create your own unique card interpretations through introspective journaling and personal insight

Deepen intuitive knowledge with this working journal with image cards as you participate in a visual approach to creating spiritual intelligence. Forty cards, will activate creative thinking, allowing you to access personal unconscious and memory as you journal. The cards provide an understanding of life’s situations when used to conduct personal readings.

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10 thoughts on “Illuminara Intuitive Journal with Cards”

  1. Jenna, what a delight it was to meet you on the radio! I am so excited and happy about the amazing work you’re doing w/ your grandchild. And thanks for your in-put, let me know if there are any questions you have along the way while discovering your intuitive insights with the Illuminara Intuitive Journal! The Study of Dreams conference sounds DIVINE!

  2. Elaine, I can’t wait until my Illuminara: Intuitive Journal with Cards set comes in so I can begin using it. The 2013 International Association for the Study of Dreams Annual Conference is being held in Virginia Beach. It would be wonderful if you did a workshop at the conference with the Illuminara journal and cards.

    Thanks for your encouragement about the work I’m doing with my granddaughter’s dream journaling on Dr. Marcia’s show today.


  3. ~ all looks so beautifully crafted and artistically created. It will be a fine day when I hold your beloved masterpiece in my hands!

    many blessings,

  4. Thank you so much Jory! This is wonderful of you to comment and I will take it as all good luck! This is a happy time, the book is now out. (Cheers!).
    I love you, Jory!

  5. Congratulations Sis!!! I’m so proud of you!!! “Break a Leg” with your latest endeavor!!! It looks and sounds wonderful… And remember while celebrating, ‘Politeness Man’ say’s : “When celebrating with wine, It’s impolite to over-indulge”!!!
    Love, jory

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