What’s In Your Mind? Angelic Healing for Healthy Thoughts


Detail from a recent painting/copyright 2013

Thoughts of course have more power over us than we ever guessed. I have often heard, “Thoughts are things!” and although I think thoughts have energetic momentum behind them, just because we think a thing does not make it true. In other words, being able to adjust thoughts before they become all-powerful is a good idea. Being conscious that we are not our thoughts, but that thoughts can entrap us, is also a good idea. I don’t want what is harmful looping through my mind all day. So, I’m dedicating this art today to having great angelic help in healing any thought that no longer serves us, and to support having only beneficial and loving thoughts in mind. This goes for anyone who looks at this art today!

2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Mind? Angelic Healing for Healthy Thoughts”

  1. I just caught up with your web page in perfect synchronicity. What a great message to read on Valentines Day. :) Thank you for sharing your art and wisdom Elaine. :)

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