Sorrow and Love: Living to Learn


Budding Life/ acrylic on canvas/ copyright Elaine Clayton 2013

Each day, we are budding into awareness and knowledge. Time, space and gravity support us on our journey of learning first-hand, hands-on here on Earth.  We’re here for a purpose and to fulfill it.  While I painted this, I felt the emotions of life, of love, sorrow and unfurling consciousness.




4 thoughts on “Sorrow and Love: Living to Learn”

  1. I love the particular composition and palette of this one, as well as the symbolism expressing that human life is conjoined with Nature…. all part of universality. The woman’s torso and head/face are exquisite— I agree with Brenda about recognition of ‘Jesus as a man of sorrows.’

    On a different note, I have just read this week’s Illuminara blog centered on asking to ‘see’ angels in waking states, but only angels of light and only what we are ready to see. I am inspired by this ‘lesson’—in the sense that I feel very close to unblocking whatever it is that has formerly kept me from seeing beyond. I sense the angels in my life; I am able to spot orbs from time to time, but it’s more or less an issue of situational awareness: If I remember they’re here, I must open my eyes to behold. If I ask them, they will come.

  2. Brenda, it was good for me to read the lyrics of that song. It gave it another kind of depth that I had not quite felt before when hearing it. I think for me, the charm of childhood was all gone by 1967. I had great times of happiness I’m sure, but the 1970s was my least favorite time. I love that for you those were such good days because then I can enjoy that there was light and an opening toward good things for others. Plus, I love song lyrics and now you’ve given me a better memory so that when I hear this song, I’ll think of YOU and of your depth of feeling and of good things in life.

  3. Just saw this today and what came to me on a Sunday morning as I looked at this painting was — “Jesus was a man of sorrows.” Sorrow is a part of what we deal with here if we love, at least I found for myself. My sorrow comes possibly as Jesus’ did and for many, I’m sure– from feeling the great contrast of what is our great cosmic potential vs. “what’s going on around here” as the CSN song asks. I listened to Deja Vu song by Crosby, Stills and Nash this am — what a time that was in the 60’s and 70’s for great music, hope, heart, love, action — I had more hope then and my sorrow feels great these days as does my love as you say.
    Here are the words and maybe they speak to you — worth a listen too:
    If I had ever been here before I would probably know just what to do
    Don’t you?
    If I had ever been here before on another time around the wheel
    I would probably know just how to deal
    With all of you.
    And I feel
    Like I’ve been here before
    Like I’ve been here before
    And you know
    It makes me wonder
    What’s going on under the ground

    Do you know?
    Don’t you wonder?
    What’s going on down under you.

    We have all been here before

  4. I love the imagery of the figure materializing into form and still gaining definition in the physical. I feel from star stuff/cosmos…though the SciFi buff in me is reminded of the Star Trek transporter. Thanks Gene! LOL

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