The Magical Hat

Collage/ mixed media on handmade paper/ copyright 1996

I am working on my new book on intuition (due out with Beyond Words/Simon and Schuster in 2014). One of the things that comes up often in my intuitive work is something I call the “magical hat”. This is an indicator of the natural creator that dwells within each of us, the 5 and under year old who saw anything as possible, who lived in the realm of imagination and possibility. If we remember that there is and always will be an aspect of magic (wonderment, belief, creativity) within, we can more easily create the future we most would like to experience. Not everything is about logic and “reality”; some things are that which exist first in the dimension that is non-physical (such as in when we have an idea or an ideal that we have not realized on the material plane). Allowing ourselves to create what we love and hold dear in the realm of imagination first does two things. One is that we experience empowerment while we imagine and use creative visualization to “see” the thing we desire, and actually experience it as real in some aspects (for example, the places I go to in meditation are very real to me and life tends to then present similar surroundings for me). The other is that we come that much closer to having the idea or ideal enter into the material plane as if the universe presented it to us. This 2013, check now and then and make sure you’re wearing your magical hat!

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