Child’s Play: Creativity and Intuition

Siblings/ Elaine Clayton copyright1998

Today, in my Illuminara Card of the Week weekly newsletter (subscribe if you like!) I focused on creativity and intuition. Sometimes we feel we have to “work” at something to be good at it, and really what we need is to enjoy it, like a child at play. I have found that intuitive knowledge doesn’t come easily if I try too hard. Relaxing and feeling true joy, creative flow and imagination (unlimited expansion of feeling and thought) is what seems to bring me into quiet knowing. Jesus said that we have to become like children to enter the gates of heaven. Children play, dream, imagine and put everything they have into what they love.

3 thoughts on “Child’s Play: Creativity and Intuition”

  1. Elaine,

    Your paintings are so real and your thoughts so uplifting…how to really reach withing our selves and where to find it….wonderful!

  2. Beautiful, Elaine! What an important and positive message. My daughter and I were just discussing following passions, discovering what we love and are meant to do with our lives, and this drawing and message says it so clearly. Thank you!

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