Some Angels Do Have Wings (the Pulsation of Healing)

Sketch from vision/January 2013

Angels do exist, I believe there are as many varieties as there are things in the world. As it says in the Talmud, even the smallest blade of grass has it’s own angel, urging it to grow. Many angels are Nature Spirits and some do have wings. From this early morning vision I had today, I saw the luminescence and orbs accompanying, with what appeared to be wings opening and closing, and realized this motion is a very powerful blessing, the energy sends forth from the source, like a pulsation. It makes you feel healed and blissful to behold it. I had never thought of wings flapping as a kind of energetic pulsation, but that is now how I see it, after this vision. Along with the angelic shimmer there were two orbs, one small and one larger. The smaller one was similar to the angel in color and light, the other one was like many I’ve seen but do not fully understand. It had a crystal clear scene in it–like watching a movie in a bubble. This scene today was in sepia colors and was a happy one of two siblings, one about 4 and the other about 2 years old, playing in a small living room. There was a piano and furniture and the feeling was one of innocence and playfulness. I wondered, is this the angel of those children? Is this what I am being shown, that we all have angels watching over the scenes of our lives?

2 thoughts on “Some Angels Do Have Wings (the Pulsation of Healing)”

  1. Thank you, Marilyn!!! I have been asking to be shown and taught more, there is so much that is mysterious to me. This felt like a new beginning. Love to you!

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