Graduating Through Hardships

Her Robe/acrylic and charcoal on paper/1998

In one meditation, I entered the Sacred Circle (a place I go in meditation) and was surrounded by elders who placed me in the center of the circle. The next thing they did was put a robe on me (which surprised me!) and it had a design on it. They told me that every hard lesson I have gone through becomes a new design on the robe. The robe is symbolic acceptance of the hardship of life and the knowledge we gain as we graduate with each life lesson.

3 thoughts on “Graduating Through Hardships”

  1. Yes, I did as a matter of fact but only after this vision/dream which was so powerful — I remember it to this day. I learned much about it over the years including that it was the branch of hawthorne that was planted in Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea when he traveled to England after the crucifixion. It was thought by some that the crown of thorns was made of hawthorn so…. and I’m also aware of the medicinal properties as well. All having to do with the heart.

    The very strange piece for me personally I found was that it was some part of a royal house that had the same last name as my new last name from remarriage would become some years later after the experience. I had no idea when reading that part that it would become my new last name. We’re all so connected to some larger plan — if we only knew the scope of it all — we wouldn’t doubt so much. We’re all more connected to each other than we know.

  2. Brenda, I love this comment, I am sure the person you emerged from the taxi was one of your angels. Hawthorne, what a perfectly beautiful name! Did you look up all the facts (medicinal and otherwise) about Hawthorn trees?

  3. That’s a very interesting image you chose for this subject, Elaine so had to comment. Very beautiful. I’ve had similar types of visions of a woman very similar especially during darker times, harder walks in my life. This woman above reminds me of a particularly dark time when I had no idea what would happen each day — that’s how uncertain of a time it was, and during that time, I had an afternoon nap/waking dream almost of one of my “angels?” “guides” whose name is Hawthorne, a lovely dark woman — she drove up in a yellow taxi cab in a beautiful yellow dress and scarf about her head and said, “c’mon now– it’s time to go.” Shortly thereafter I moved 1600 miles away with my child – it happened very quickly after that afternoon. I then actually had a lovely friend looking much like Hawthorne in my life for many years after that who lived quite a remarkable and magical life and came from unimaginable adversity and cruelty. So, whenever Hawthorne shows up in one way or another, I expect some sort of transition. Had to comment on your post today.

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