Do the Archangels Get Their Strength From US?

In my meditation last night, I was surprised to see a giant St. Michael enter the circle. He was gigantic, but young and bathed in golden light. He was a knight, with a sword and in a suit of armor. He held his sword at his side. There was not a look of defeat about him but more of a look of weary sorrow before heading back out to battle again. There were no words, just the golden light and his head bowed. I started to wonder if we have got it all wrong all these years, and that instead of the archangels giving us strength, it is our collective soulful love that gives them the strength they need to do good things for individuals and the world at large. So when we weaken as a whole, they also weaken in their struggle. But when we “fight for the good” in the case of St. Michael, he has more collective energy from Source to do the battle for good. Could it be that as the angels help us, we actually can help them, too?

2 thoughts on “Do the Archangels Get Their Strength From US?”

  1. David, I think you’re right! The meditation made me wonder if when humans allow themselves to be absent of light it almost drains the angels of their strength. I’d rather believe what I feel I know in my bones. And it is that they may grow weary like us but there is no limit to God’s love and strength!

  2. Elaine,
    You pose a good question. I tend to believe the archangels get their strength from God. What they receive from us, and depend on us for, is purpose.

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