Recent Spirit Painting: In the Garden of Time

This is a recent Spirit Painting/2012

In this Spirit Painting meditation, I felt so moved by a sense of time–the time we experience as humans which helps us learn, initiating us for new life adventures. Sometimes we say that the past repeats itself and we have similar things happen to us over and over.  That is usually for me a sign that there is some lesson I am not getting, or something more I need to grasp and understand in order to move forward. This painting for me is about the structure of our sense of self, how it can change through life lessons and how learning through increments of time affords us the sense of initiation, shaping in us courage, integrity and endurance.


2 thoughts on “Recent Spirit Painting: In the Garden of Time”

  1. I always enjoy the change of perspective in your paintings Elaine. It makes me look at the painting all over again from that different angle and the relationships between the elements. So I do more thinking about it overall. :)

  2. I always look at your paintings and get my feel before I ever read what you write….I look at it as what it means to “me”… I love this one. teaching, learning, friends, coming to light. The bird is so strong and the flowers on the left look like people holding each other, maybe lovers maybe mother and child, etc.. the rabbit shows awarness and the statue shows strength through endurance and finally peace. Wonderful painting to sum up the year going into a new one….I feel I have come a long way…thank you so very much for sharing “YOU” ~ Light, Love, Peace and Happiness along with Health….to you and yours…

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