Drawing Will Connect You to Intuitive Knowing

I’ll be on Hay House Radio today at 2 pm EST, on PROVOCATIVE ENLIGHTENMENT with Eldon Taylor. Join me to talk about intuitive knowing, drawing and your creative, imaginative essence.

This is one of my recent Intuitive Stream Drawings/2012

In my new book with Beyond Words/Simon and Schuster, due out 2014, I explore the ways in which drawing can connect us to our innermost sense of wellbeing; our intuitive and everlasting essence. I’ve said for decades that drawing  has the power to shift us into the divine realm, where imagination and expressive creative force thrives within us. With this book I am offering drawing as a tool for discovery and intuitive sensing, a way to feel your purpose and creative empowerment.

In the drawing above, what I call an “Intuitive Stream Drawing”, I have meditated for a client prior to an intuitive reading and this is one of 4 ways that I see into the drawing (colored in are some specifics). What became evident to me in this view is that animal spirits/nature spirits abound and hold deep meaning for the client. Each animal has multitudes of meaning.  There is a cat, signifying mystery and intuitive knowledge and more, a moose which instantly made me think of self esteem and a bull or rhino (holding your ground and/or being willful or even stubborn for bull and rhino for me has to do with desire and rarity as the horns are thought to be aphrodisiac). These are just some things that come to mind and heart while gazing at this imagery. And at the bottom, at the root, there is a drummer.

I asked this client during the reading if she was aware of having a really serious connection to nature, and I wondered aloud if she had Native American roots or perhaps spiritual guides at this time.  I also told her that instead of her drawing showing a chakra chart (with imagery from head to toe through each chakra) which is the norm, her drawing was one-of-a kind in that it was more of a totem to me, and that animals seem to leap out of it. She said very little at first, but finally when I told her there was a drummer at the root, she told me that she is half Native American and that her husband is a drummer. These things are important to her and the drawing seemed to reaffirm her sense of herself and her life mission. She longs to recapture the beliefs and wisdom of her Native ancestors after putting it all on hold for years, and the intuitive stream drawing was reminding her that wisdom is hers. The reading was exciting for me because of the unique way it spoke to both me and the client. We ended the reading with a conversation about listening and absorbing nature by, at first, taking quiet walks. I look forward to hearing from this client what messages and guidance she will receive as she aligns with her truest nature and deep intuitive gifts.

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