When Horses Appear in Readings and Dreams

Hugh with the Horses/ pencil and watercolor 2009

When horses come up in my client’s intuitive readings, it is a signal to me that it is worth talking about power, endurance and freedom.  Horses sometimes show up in dreams, too. When this happens for me, I try to recapture the feeling I had in the dream, and the horse message is different each time. For example, I’ve dreamed I was about to ride but for one reason or another, it kept being interrupted and I never get to it. This is obviously about being frustrated over self-impowerment, not being able to get up and go, not being quite able to have mobility and to do what I love.  This feels very archetypal for me, or universal, almost as if the majestic purpose we are born to is withheld at various points in life, and we must endure.  There are times like that, where we must wait and cannot fulfill a particular dream or reach a longed-for goal. Other dreams I’ve had with horses have more to do with magic, with talking to them and or riding in sheer wonderment. My favorite was one where I was a girl in a renaissance dress, but barefoot, and I was riding a pony out in the open (like the Yorkshire Dales). There was another child also riding another pony a little bit away, and I knew we were friends. I saw this scene from above during this dream, but felt the joy of circling with the pony, cantering and being completely connected to the momentum and grace of the animal as an extension of my own vision or direction.

If horses show up in your dreams,  see what the message is (and let me know about it if you like!).

* Hugh Gilbert inspired this piece of art; he is a healer worth looking into!

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