Line Crews at Work

Since I’ve spent the last few weeks watching trucks with people fixing power lines, I started thinking about how I’ve sketched line crews but have no idea how they do what they do. It seems dangerous. I’ll never forget how happy we were when the lights finally came back on after Sandy!

These are 2 from my Westport Sketchbook

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  1. Hi Elaine.

    Sorry so long to reply. I still like wind and solar and if there is an appropriate stream water even. In my farther out dream is Zero Point energy. 5 years ago it was pretty underground and mostly commented on in a conspiracy context. Kind of like the 50mpg carburator we used to hear about in the 70’s and 80’s. This one has a “National Security” twist instead of greedy corporation twist. Check the Wiki here: Now there are people claiming they have plans or will show you how to build on You Tube. So there is a massive influx of crap information around something that people like Buckminster Fuller and Nikola Tessla alluded to and is very likely valid, but beyond the programmed line of thinking about how physics and electricity specifically ‘works’.

  2. Fun to see the sketches of the power line repair crew. There used to be a green energy show on Hay House. Hi advice 100% of the time was to figure out how to live with a lot less electricity so that when you got to actually replacing it with the “sexy” alternatives, it was actually affordable. :)

  3. I very much want to go solar. I am eager to learn. We do need to know how to stay warm with no electricity. You make good points and you would have a lot to teach us, being from MI!

  4. they do have some underground wiring here….I believe we should go solar…. even if not solar, which why would you not want to go that way, how do the Amish do it???? No electricity or vehicles other than carts with horses….Something to think about….My electric bill is included in my rent and I still only use only what is absolutely necessary….my heat does not go above 62 during the winter, here in northern, lower MI, and I do not leave any lights on unless needed…some think I am nuts for my heat but I DO believe in it…since my utility room has my furnace, hot water tank, washer, dryer and water softner, I turn my water heater down when I know I won’t being doing laundry or showering….every little bit helps…

  5. Nothing like seeming them when you’re in need of electricity. I think we should convert to all underground wires. Do you have those where you live? They are only in specific places, I think, not all over USA. Thanks, Loretta!

  6. Beautiful sketches of “heroes” at work at a very dangerous job….It takes a special person to do their job… Hats off to the electrical repairmen…..

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