Send Thoughts of Warmth to NY and NJ

  Spirit Painting for Mena/2010
About a month ago when we moved into a temporary rental, I noticed the shower was elegant but the hot water ran out so fast, that I thought it was miserable. I said out loud, “Uh-oh, God wants me NOT to relax into great comfort for some reason.” After a few weeks, I discovered the reason, and her name was Sandy.

Sandy made us cold, so I decided to post this total sun-scape this morning. This art is a reprint of one of my first Spirit Paintings for a young girl and the colors and light in it seem right for me today because I am sending thoughts of warmth to areas hit by hurricane Sandy. It is sheer hell to freeze (we did for a week when Westport had lost power). It is severely beyond reasonable to shiver, literally, for more than 15 days as the people in parts of NY and NJ have done.  What about infants and young children, elderly people or those who are unwell? What about standing around freezing, remembering what warm felt like so long ago (15 days is a long time to be cold)?

I hear that people are losing composure as they get more and more desperate (and that a guy pulled up in a BMW, got out and punched a young power and light volunteer lineman from Florida so hard that the young man has to now have reconstructive surgery).  Why would you punch the person who is trying to help you get warm again??? Let’s give the workers who are trying to restore power, many voluntarily traveling here from out-of-state, a thank you when we see them.  It’s better than trying to injure or kill them while they’re trying to help you get your power back on. We had Hydro Quebec and Po’Boys from Louisiana and some crews from Massachusetts here when our power was out and I felt teary every time I saw them. I was constantly pulling over the car (my Prius kept me warm during the day, at intervals) to thank them. I’ll never forget that cold week after Sandy and before the nor’easter that brought snow.

We’re entitled to be warm in winter, especially if we are paying for it, but losing power in a storm does not entitle us to get violent and lash out at the workers for these companies or toward anyone.  I say this knowing that all of this chaos is only the beginning, there is more to come and we need to be ready to expect the unexpected–not out of fear, but out of grace. I tell myself and others to be ready to not lose your inner core, even when things get extreme.  And preparing otherwise in every way seems really smart, because what if the entire grid goes out, what then? Will we all be lining up or fighting for gas for the generator as many have had to do, or what?  Asking cold and hungry people to be full of grace or peace in their hour of need is not fair because when surviving becomes that edgy, the primitive nature in us takes over.  So being prepared seems like the best thing to at least try to do. I have repeatedly had dreams of solar ingenuity during hard times and using the sun for basic needs. I have to educate myself and the minute I can, I’m going to have solar panels. For now, I’m drinking up the sun and the warmth I’m lucky to have. Each drop of hot water or soothing sunlight is a true gift.


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