Broken Leg Premonition Dream

From one of my 2011 sketchbooks

If you write down  your dreams in a dream journal, you may find that some of them are premonition dreams. This is one I had last year that not only connected with a dream my son had (at the same time that I had my dream) but it did seem to come true in reality. As if we were given a kind of wink and nod as to what to possibly expect. Idon’t have a dream like this and say, “It means you are going to break your leg, oh no!” Instead, I get a feeling of being held, of being given something I don’t quite understand. I accept it but acknowledge it without trying to label it as anything but a notable dream. Then when the subject of the dream does come true, that is when I feel a kind of “Wow!” feeling. Even if all the details are not exact. In this dream, my son had a scar and his leg was “broken”.  My son also had the same dream. Then when he knocked his shin bone hard enough to require stitches, we remembered the dream we’d had earlier. His leg has an impressive scar, like a lightening bolt, on his shin.  Paying attention to dreams really enhances my life. Keeping a dream journal makes daily life and experiences so much more potent and meaningful.

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