Lucy: Her Hat and Valiant Voice

This is from one of my sketchbooks/dream journals/2011

Since losing Lucy a year ago this week, I have felt the anguish of loss, anger, all the stages for me come at once, but missing her deeply never changes. I often look again at the picture of us together in the first time Simon took me to Scotland, at the Christmas table. She looked like a Victorian cherub, rosy cheeks and curly long hair.  And I had the special honor of her request to sit by me!

Since last year, I have had Lucy in one mediumship experience (she came through with another young man who is just her age, who also crossed over not long before her, while I was painting a Spirit Painting in honor of the young man. I cannot wait to paint Lucy’s painting).  I’ve also had her  in 2 dreams.  One was only a few days after she passed.  She was an excellent artist and budding fashion designer, a perfectionist and produced exquisite work. In this dream, it made sense that I was told (in a voice-over affect) that Lucy was “in Paris, and she designed a hat”.  The hat was straw and had a lovely pink ribbon around it. I woke up feeling that her soul, her life-force energy and her love and courage was not at all “gone” as people often assume when someone dies, but here, everywhere, anywhere she willed herself to go, in spirit. Her creative energy thrived in the dream, and I knew then and know now, it still does.

The next dream was so very apt. I had an arial view of someone saying some judgmental and unkind things about some children. As this person spoke, a very loud, powerful voice boomed from above, to my left. The voice was dominant beyond question–a force unlike any force, the voice so strong that it left the person who had been negative completely “told”–not another word came out of him. As I pulled away from this scene, I realized that valiant and indomitable voice was Lucy.

They called her a butterfly at her service, and she is a butterfly, but a I see her as a lioness. And ’tis true, Lucy the Lioness does have great, expansive, colorful wings.


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