Feeling the Emotion in Each Chakra

From my one of my sketchbooks/ink and colored pencil/2011

When I do intuitive readings, I meditate for at least a half hour prior to each reading and create a “Chakra Chart”. I am writing about this process in my second book on intuition (with Beyond Words/Simon and Schuster) due out in 2014.

One of the most empowering aspects of the process is that of becoming aware of what each chakra center feels like and paying attention to what it is telling us.  There are ways in which we hold energy without really being conscious of it. For example, I had a sore throat for years. I eventually became conscious of the fact that I was holding back a lot of emotion, not speaking “my truth”. I was literally not saying what I desperately wanted to say to people in situations. My body was telling me, but I didn’t get it (thank you Sharon Bauer in the Boston area for helping with this one, so many years ago!).

If I notice what part of my body is speaking to me, it relieves some tension. For example, I might feel a strong activation in the heart chakra, manifesting as a sore upper-middle back, or a literal heavy pang in the heart area. On another day or occasion, it might be my stomach (solar and/or sacral) that aches or feels active in some notable way. I also believe that life events shake us up at certain chakra centers to help us, like when I was thrown from my horse and injured my tail bone (primal root chakra). That event “unseated me” and in the course of healing that energy, I became conscious of needing a major shift in life.

What do you feel today? From Crown to Primal root, what is being activated, what is hurting or getting your attention in some other way, from head-to-toe? Acknowledging the emotional communication manifested in the body is a kind of interesting and fulfilling journey, and  as one thing leads to another, the thrill of it is following the messages to see where it takes you!

4 thoughts on “Feeling the Emotion in Each Chakra”

  1. Bryan, I love the image of the heart/brushing at the third eye. Lots of heart to intuitive knowing happening. Love and the vision. I wonder what the nightmare was. I certainly remember mine. There were some intense ones from even that young age. If you ever do the drawing, I’d love to see it!

  2. Loretta,it is the heart chakra. What has activated your heart the most, even things from eons ago? There may be a lot that wants to express from the heart. If you keep a journal, you can write it all out and let the heart chakra release much of what it feels. I also have to do creative work to transform the heart and other energies/emotions from within each chakra. If you can choose something you love creating, and you can do it with the conscious intention of expressing the feelings deep in the heart chakra, I think it would be a great thing!

  3. I feel a kind of heartbeat/rushing on my forehead between my eyes when I slow down and think about it.

    I have had guidance to draw an image from an old nightmare (from when I was 5) that a dream worker coached me with. Guess I better get on it as this seems to be connected. :)

    Fun and powerful to think about Elaine. Thanks for the coaching on this.

  4. lately for me it has been upper back….like right under my breast bone and the way to my back and I feel it most in my back… is this the heart chakra? I have to drive down state for a 1 day job…..this the only thing that is happening….haven’t worked since 2009.

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