Two Men and A Truck (and Me)…

We had two trucks and two sets of two men.  I’m here posing with the crew from Two Men and a Truck, four great guys! They worked hard, were fun and friendly. I post this in honor of them and with wishes for all the best for each of them!

3 thoughts on “Two Men and A Truck (and Me)…”

  1. Looks like some stout fellows to lend a hand and some back to your moving. Hope all went well and the next house thing is moving smoothly. I found a couple of cards of the week in my spam filter dang it! Not sure how they ended up there. I had been missing them, but figure you were so busy, I would not bother you with asking.

  2. I think a home should be a sanctuary. too. And that sanctuary also has to be within, but it is easier to experience that when you are in your “rightful place”–a place where you feel you resonate.

  3. Wonderful picture documenting this new adventure in your life. I bumped into Simon at Starbucks on Friday. Was wondering if your “Two Men ” reference was the boys before clicking on the email link as Simon said they’re growing so fast!

    I believe everyone’s home should be their sanctuary, and before we moved into our house up here, I think I forgot that as the last home wasn’t a sanctuary.


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