Can’t Leave the Paper Blank!

A 1996 sketchbook of mine

I can never leave a blank piece of paper alone.  This sketchbook from 1996 has a little man doing his daily stretches and this piece of paper from a hotel has some blue ball point pen drawings on it. That blank paper is too inviting, wanting something to happen on it. This is why I love keeping sketchbooks and journals–what we draw and write creates a “something” where there was a “nothing”.

Seeing the Past Opens the Future

Recent painting/2012

One of the most important facets of time and how it effects us is that we experience the past, and then plan or ready ourselves for the future. In readings, often what comes up in a Psychic Drawing is that experiences from our past can hold us back from creating the future we’re wanting for ourselves. Some dynamic we endured or some wound we suffered keeps us tied up in some way, and many times we’re not conscious of it. The most freeing experience is when an old mindset or infliction has the light shined upon it and we begin to really see new ways to perceive ourselves, new experiences to create.  And the future opens up!

Spirit Painting: Robert

One of the Spirit Paintings in the first year of

This Spirit Painting was created for a boy (a commission ordered by his grandmother). Today, the air and the way the children played outside reminded me of the essence of this painting. Discovery, adventure, mystery.

What’s Your “New Year Baby”, and the Animal Stampede Dream

Fairy Baby from the Paideia Tree of Life mural/2011

In the New Year, its exciting and necessary for me to ask myself, “What do I most want to nurture this year?” I want to keep learning from my dreams and deepen the feeling of connectedness and awareness between myself and the world around me. Two nights ago I dreamed of standing in a field with others, having a casual good time, when suddenly animals were in a stampede. Then another species of animals came from the other direction, also in a stampede. We decided the field was not the place to stand, so we went off to the side. As I stepped aside, I turned to see the most beautiful if not haunting stag, freeze mid-leap, with such a look in his eye. I wondered that animals know and sense very deeply and teach us so much. (There are so many fun ways to analyze this dream!).  All the next day I had the feeling of the stampede dream, of the dignity of the stag, of the impulsive fear response in animals as part of their nature and ability to survive, of my own similar nature, and of awareness in general.

Spirit Painting: The Inner Rampant Lion

This is a detail from a recent large Spirit Painting commission/2012

The last few months were spent focusing on intuitive readings and Spirit Paintings. The one pictured was very important to me because mediumship was part of the process (mediumship is often a part of creating a Spirit Painting, and it is deeply meaningful for me).  I sensed the wonder of our dual nature and the taming of our spirits from unaware, unconscious reactors to stimuli, to that of evolved beings who seek to know and understand, who consciously make choices.  We become tame by life’s experiences.  The rampant lion made an appearance in this painting; it arrived and I welcomed it. There is a primal power associated with the rampant lion, as well as that of royalty and courage. All of this to honor one who has crossed over.

Psychic Flash Card: Do the Math

This drawing I did in my sketchbook last night is about how knowledge in the form of quick flashes of imagery come to my mind.  In developing your “quiet knowing” you may experience this. Imagery is very powerful for us, and can connect us to our inner wisdom, the divine and eternal sense of ourselves. We have our own unique experiences and these experiences are part of how we understand the entire world, and our ever-shifting place in it. Visual imagery connects us to what we know, what we feel and what we understand, in a flash. The impact of a single image can be enough to unlock enormous potential within.

One of the reasons I created ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL with CARDS is to help anyone who wishes to develop their intuition, to do so via a natural response to visual imagery. When looking at a specific image, the idea is to allow the personal unconscious memory and feelings within to surface (it will naturally, without effort) and to then acknowledge that. Once we do this, we know what our own personal meanings are and what our signifiers are. And we can then create and be playful with this inner knowledge. Pay attention to the images your mind offers to you–if you see flashes of imagery in your mind, take note (and dream imagery counts)!

Finally, Snow!

I am reposting the magic snow painting I created for Heather Strauch, PT. This painting causes snow to fall (it snowed in October, the day after she moved it from her wall to transport it home) and it snowed when I worked on it, A LOT.  So we say it’s magic. I had almost posted it a few days ago to ask everyone to stare at it and wish for it to snow, because I was longing for a white winter.

Be Playful: Creativity and Intuition


“Play with the cards to get into the fun side of tapping into your natural creativity and intuition.

Open your journal. Make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, and there are no pressures or distractions. This is your time to listen inwardly.  Pick a card at random, or one which appeals to you. Before you can think to edit your thoughts and feelings, begin writing in the journal. Write everything that comes up for you when looking at this card. Write until you cannot think or feel anything else which needs to be said.”  Excerpt from ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL with CARDS/Elaine Clayton/Schiffer 2011