Illuminara Intuitive Journal with Cards (and my dog)

Plantagenet picks an Illuminara Card

I like to start the day by choosing a card, asking for guidance, I trust the right one will come to me.  Along with this I often close my eyes and pick something out of the bible, too. I’ve done this since high school and it feels great. This morning, the dog wanted to see what was up.  (He got the tree card!).

Being Playful Strengthens Intuitive Knowing

One of my illustrations for 42 MILES by Tracie Vaughn Zimmer/Clarion Books

Being playful, creating for fun and switching off the internal voice which seeks to judge and criticize, we open to our childlike nature where creative energy and intuitive knowing await us.  We discover through playful creative exploration just how good it feels to let everything go and allow for surprises. We open our hearts to the materials (in this case, collages of old cloth and paper) and we experiment and see what happens. Even though the above collage was for a “job”, I took to it like a child on a rainy afternoon because the book was about a girl who kept a diary of poems and I wanted to be that kid again, creating as she might have, with freedom and a sense of wonder.

Hurricane Irene Dreams

This is a dream entry in my sketchbook from about a year ago (also posted on Illuminara). I had a few dreams of being at Compo Beach and water lapping up at the windows of the house I was in. In the dream above, the wall of water froze in mid-air, as if time stopped.

Many people are without power and there is a lot of damage and duress. And school may not start up this Tuesday as planned. But so far from what I understand, there were no tragedies in loss of life, and I’m glad (feels like the water stopped just short of seriously serious danger).

When Bad Things Happen, Go Into Your Creative Self

Detail from an accordion book I made/1996

In this piece of art, I was reflecting on how life inevitably brings us difficulty, and we can’t avoid suffering.  It’s part of the human experience, but I always hope for the least amount of suffering possible. Being creative and at play with my imagination has helped me very much in dealing with life’s challenges. I suppose this is so because at the moment that we generate creative feelings, and act on them, we are in a place of acceptance of what we’ve experienced or are experiencing. We are not of the world so much as above it, getting a perspective. We cease to try to control our world and enter into a kind of zone of just being, yet with a dynamic momentum of creative force.

Hurricane Irene Heads to Westport….

From Westport Sketchbook, my sketch of Winslow Park after the last serious wind storm in our area/2009

There is an ominous feel in the air. Hurricane Irene is on the way, and I just read Jacob Meisel’s excellent report in on why we should be ready for this one (and he’s still young for having written such a great report, a junior at Staples!).

Jacob pointed out that the last a serious storm, in 2009, was bad enough, but this could be worse.  In 2009 school was out for most of the week as power lines had been ripped down by fallen trees, much like this tree in the sketch.

The week started with an earthquake (did you feel it?) and ends with a hurricane.  And so I ask myself to be practical, but to be spiritual in the process of preparing. I want to be centered and grounded as best I can, and open my heart toward the great mysteries of life; the ominous power of nature (and learn from it).

Barrel Racing Along

From my picture book A BLUE RIBBON FOR SUGAR

Developing our dreams (mine still is to be a cowgirl again, as I was born and raised to be on our ponies in Texas until about the age of 10) through these “earth changes” is not easy. In a recent intuitive-psychic reading I did, we talked about having dreams and wanting them fulfilled, but doing this while systems we have come to count on are shaky and possibly stressed to the point of coming down.  This is not easy, living through and creating through these changing times.  The feeling is not to give up on dreams, but realize the spiritual connection we have so we create the dreams into reality along with the universal life source, going with a new flow, and not against it. We can’t bring back the way things were, but we can find our way even still, even if things are rapidly altering before our eyes (or at times slowly twisting into new shapes).  We can get these dreams realized, riding along and going strong, using our sense of the mysterious and our soulful connection to the divine as we go.

Carrying the Worries of the World

This is a drawing I did in the early 1990’s.  I was thinking of how easy it is to carry the worries of the world on our own shoulders, like a heavy robe.  If you have empathy and are a natural healer, you’ll find yourself often feeling the woe of the world in your heart and it can weigh you down.  Doing small things to help make the world better makes me feel better, and that might mean just enjoying myself while I fulfill simple responsibilities.  Or it might mean being creative and making something dedicated to expressing emotion and healing from the inside out.

Chief Sitting Bull

One of my illustration’s for GIRL COMING IN FOR A LANDING, a novel told in poems by April Halprin Wayland

“The earth has received the embrace of the sun and we shall see the results of that love. He put in your heart certain wishes and plans; in my heart, he put other different desires.”  Chief Sitting Bull

UFO Invasion (or visitation?) Dream

My sketchbook journal/dream journal entry for August 19, 2011

I’ve had lots of UFO dreams lately.  In this latest one, I was with some others under a blue-sky, marvelous day when out of nowhere came super-flying white air ships. They flew two-by-two (like the animals in Noah’s Ark, I thought in the dream, standing there watching them in awe). They soared toward us. There was a big sky-ferris wheel kind of “mother ship” for lack of a better term, that they seemed to come from. They were white, rectangular kinds of ships. They were precise and they were on a mission.  I remember feeling, “Well, here they are!” It was not scary, but it was important and spectacular. I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be…