What is Your Earliest Memory?

My earliest memory that I’m conscious of is of being in a crib and an arm reaching over the bars to hand me a stuffed animal (bunny, I think). And I remember a mobile that hung over the crib (blue jays, and how I still love blue jays!).  One of the reasons I created Illuminara Intuitive Journal with Cards is that I believe our personal unconscious memories do reside within in a way that has an real impact on us. Becoming aware, or remembering some of the information stored deep within helps increase awareness and opens us up for intuitive sensing.  What is your earliest memory?


Photo by Arthur Dworin/ arthurdworin.com

Thank you to everyone who gathered with me at the Westport Barnes and Noble last Thursday evening to help me launch my new book on intuition!  It was the best celebration, and our discussion on intuition, empathy, creativity and inspiration was so enriching for me. Thank you, thank you!

Spirituality and Baseball

My illustration of a baseball player in action

Last night at my Barnes and Noble book launch for ILLUMINARA INTUITIVE JOURNAL WITH CARDS, I talked about how meeting Hank Aaron helped me understand that the calming and colorful glow I had seen around people all my life was an “aura”.  Also, to my delight, the wonderful son of my friends arrived to the book talk in his little league uniform, beaming, and all this got me thinking about spirituality and baseball.  This morning I found an interesting article on the subject. To read about the Tai Chi of baseball, click here.

Westport’s Pink Pearlescent Skies Return

For about a year I drew locally on location once a week, and then the sketches were published in www.westportnow.com. I loved drawing people about town, especially near the beach because it has so many shades of light, depending on the time of day and year.  Now that it’s getting warmer, that pinkiness I love is starting to envelop us again at the end of the day.  The very air becomes like a pink pearl, and no matter what happened in the day, the light seems to smooth it all away.

Will Waters Rise and Recede?

In this recent dream, I was near the coast in what felt like Italy or Greece. A very tall, slim lady was dashing down to the ferry dock; she had missed her ferry.  I watched her go down to the dock, where to our amazement, a beautiful statue of Zeus slowly emerged from under the depths below. The waters were receding, revealing ancient treasures.

This dream can be analyzed (for sure!) but just as an experience, it was fascinating. The feeling in it was so kind of alarming.

New Spirit Painting

My Latest Spirit Painting May, 2011

Painting this Spirit Painting felt in some ways soothing, in some ways almost electrifying in that the energy was dynamic and bold but with a hint of delicate calm. People are complex and there are so many gifts, talents and life experiences that create us to be who we are. A variety of energetic situations and emotional dynamics really do animate us over the years of our lives, it is so enriching to tap into to elements of life that come together to form who we are, even though that changes moment by moment.  I entered into this one feeling excited, as though life had so much in it for the person it was painting in honor of, and so much left to feel and think about.  There is and was an abundance of talent, skill and grace (in spirit and in artful expression of feeling).

Bird Dreams

Two nights ago (actually in the morning) I dreamed of seeing five birds swoop up from the ground. They formed a circle and then, as though I were looking at a photo, they froze in mid air, the picture of bird bliss (some were upside down, others not, all in a kind of mid-air dance). At that moment in the dream, someone called and I answered the phone. It was a woman who said,”Hi, my name is Angel. Do you know if there is going to be anything weird happening this May?” I didn’t know this person, and told her I wasn’t sure what May would bring, but that I understood her concern. She sounded a little troubled and worried. My attention focused then to a photographer who actually did snap the birds in mid air with her camera.  The feeling of the dream was one of sunlight and art, nature in harmony with a sense of foreboding. Slight feel of sentimental warmth mixed with uncertainty.