“Do You Have Any Money?” (conversation from 1989)

This sketchbook entry from 1989 made me smile. I had gone to NYC with my portfolio, at that time I believe I was meeting with my then-agent, Whit Stillman (film maker) and somewhere along the streets of Manhattan I was stopped by someone begging for money. I had just been to Chinatown where I bought candy.  The stranger asked if I had any money (never had hardly any!) and I said, “No, but I have some rice candy.” He said, “I could go for that!” And I gave him some telling him he could eat the wrapper because it was not cellophane but some kind of clear rice wrap (I still love this candy to this day because of the edible cellophane). Reading this entry, I can see that young man’s face all over again in my mind, the way he went from being anonymous panhandler you might ignore, to a real person, the way he suddenly relaxed and smiled.

Sketchbook Revelations: Post Card from the Future

The fascinating thing about keeping a journal or sketchbook journal, is when you read entries you wrote years ago, you see that you had insights and you can notice how some things unfolded as you’d perhaps considered they might.  I liked this drawing I did in my 2002 sketchbook. On the page before it I wrote :
“An Indian Chief came to me (loved him!) and he was in a beach scene. He was also a messenger/letter carrier.”

I wrote this at a time when we had just moved to the countryside and never, ever suspected we’d live in the suburbs, in a beach town, near the beach (which is what we’re doing now). I wonder if this dream was a spirit guide messenger just giving me a letter or post card from the future?

Illuminara Studio

I spent the last few days reorganizing my studio and it finally came together. I needed new shelves so I could pull of the 50 or more sketchbooks that were in storage.  It feels good to renew a space, and my studio space is primarily a private sanctuary for me, so ti’s necessary to do this now and then. I am ready for Monday, for the week of editing and for real winter days when I’ll be looking out the bay window at snow flakes falling while I do work.  I am not sure why, but I could not relax until everything was in new order. Maybe it’s the planets and the way they’re lined up?

Illuminara.com Aura Cleansing Salt Scrub

I have started making salt scrubs with essential oils to use in the bath or shower. Salt, being a healing crystal, is so good for us to help clear away energies to purify.  I have been reading Edgar Cayce on the importance of feeling cleansed before meditation. In our own way, special to us individually, he taught that we should always cleanse self before meditation (by saying a personal mantra or words which will help clear and allow self to emotionally feel very good) because once meditation begins, the actual energy of true creation resides within.  I am trying to be more conscious of getting this good feeling all day long, and otherwise, love using salt scrubs at the beginning or ending of each day so much that I thought it would be fun to start making my own!

Eldon Taylor and InnerTalk

I’ve been thinking of sound and how humans process hearing, first because my friend who is a teacher talked with me about a new form of hearing therapy, an auditory processing method she has learned and is practicing that is phenomenal. And then I got into the work of Eldon Taylor, who I’ve heard many times on his Hay House Radio show, Provocative Enlightenment. Eldon offers amazing insights on many subjects, and is author of a New York Times bestseller, CHOICES AND ILLUSIONS.  I am deeply moved by the transformative power of his auditory creations. Personally for me I became conscious of some things I thought I had previously “dealt with” simply by listening to the cds.  I guess some of my “self talk” inwardly was not as transformed as I had thought it was, and perhaps unconsciously got in my way on my way to fulfillment and success. I am grateful and surprised at how effective his work is for deepening well being and providing inner episodes of life-altering self-awareness.

Eldon recently sent me some cds which I’ve been enthralled listening to, and ordered more.  All of his work deals in how we process hearing (fascinating to learn about) and what he and his team create reinforcing positive affirmations. InnerTalk as I experience it, seems to be about how everything starts with a thought, as it states on the catalogue, “The universe begins in the mind,” and “Everything begins as an idea. If you don’t believe it’s possible–it never will be!”  If you feel it’s time to get some good listening vibes and some love into your thinking, then go to http://www.innertalk.com/

Also, find Eldon Taylor and listen to his radio show each week, at http://www.hayhouseradio.com/hosts.php?author_id=432

Krishna Premonition

This morning I felt like re-posting an image I did some time ago because I was pleasantly remembering one of my most favorite psychic predictions. It was years and years ago, and I was doing a reading with my sister Julie. We wondered who her true love would be. I closed my eyes and for some reason kept seeing Krishna, like a wondrous film in my mind. Blue and full of mystery and joy, Krishna was handsomely dancing around in this mind-film. “Julie,” I remember saying, “I don’t know what to tell you, I keep seeing Krishna! I guess you have a spirit guide who is from India.” Years later, she met her true love. His name is Murali, which means “Flute of Krishna”.  My real sense of joy from the heart cannot be described, that reading was showing us something! This morning I felt like posting on FB Illuminara my drawing of Krishna, which I did. My sister informed me that TOMORROW is her anniversary! I was surprised, I had no conscious idea that tomorrow was that big day, one year. I feel like Krishna visited me again, and gave me an urge to post this “Congratulations” message, without my knowing it was her anniversary. It makes me smile. I love signs like that. Big blue kiss to JK and Murali “Moe” Veluswamy!

Dreamwork Jungian Analysis of My Owl Dream

I dreamed it was pre-dawn and many animals were out. The light was dim, and I saw a leopard. The leopard was calculating when to pounce on an unsuspecting horse. I was very worried and wanted to figure out how to intervene. Then nearby I noticed an owl on the ground, looking at me. I watched it, we looked at each other eye-to-eye. The owl then quickly ran into the hollow of a tree.

I’ve asked my Dreamwork sister, JK Veluswamy to do a Jungian analysis with me on some dreams, and I imagine what she’d tell me for this dream:

JK: “Elaine, after hearing your dream, name three adjectives for leopard.”

Elaine: “Well, we saw a leopard in Africa on our honeymoon, so for me leopard means 1.) Honeymoon Adventure 2.) Independence 3.) Predatory”

JK: “Okay, now name three adjectives for horse.”

Elaine: “Okay, this horse in my dream was in a particular state, so I’d say it means 1.) Power 2.) Unsuspecting or vulnerable 3.) Elegant

JK: “Now give me three adjectives for owl.”

Elaine: “Owls used to be my big symbol when I was in jr. high, I collected them. I wanted to be wise, so 1.) Wise 2.) Omen 3.) Spiritually knowing

JK: “Okay Elaine, on some new adventure you love, an adventure having to do with your independent self which knows how to calculate and seize what you want (predatory) you are trying to figure out (in the dim light or dark side of your subconscious) how to attack or “go after” a powerful, elegant yet vulnerable aspect of yourself.  And you are uncomfortable about it, feeling that the adventuresome, predatory self will devour the elegant and powerful, vulnerable aspect of self.  The leopard is untamed and wild, but a horse is domesticated, vulnerable in a fence, so there is a domesticated part of you that feels threatened by the adventuresome side of yourself. In the owl, there is a wise, spiritually knowing part of you which sees and can send out warnings (omens) that also wants to hide once recognized for seeing, since this owl hid once it saw that you saw it. The owl didn’t want to be exposed, perhaps nor does the knowing part of you wish to be exposed. Also, the owl was on the ground, not in flight. Grounded but not doing what it is capable of doing. You’re seeing self is grounded but there is more in your nature, in your spiritually knowing side which has not taken flight yet.”

If JK wants to correct me in my attempt here, please do!

Frost Fairy Art on Winter Mornings

When you wake up in late fall or winter and see that the window glass seems to have ornate winter scenes etched into it, doesn’t it feel like winter fairies have done this while you slept?  I ask myself, “What magic is THIS?” and find that I cannot stop looking at the fascinating designs that were formed overnight. It’s one of the things I look forward to as the air gets colder and colder. I realized, too, that so much of our jewelry designs seem to want to capture the beauty of nature, of this kind of thing. Nature (grass with water droplets, frost on leaves, etc.) in the morning has a look of diamonds, cut-glass crystal and quartz and mother-of-pearl.  Watching the magic happen, or rather finding it once it has somehow appeared, makes me feel inwardly really complete, happy and expectant.

Body Talking in Full Color

What energies are around you? Imagine energy is visible, and can be seen as plumes of color.  What colors would you say you are surrounded by? What colors do you genertae with your mood and feelings? What chakras are activated in you during the day? Checking yourself right now, what part of your body has emotional volume? How is your throat? How is your stomach?  Your body talks to you about how you feel in your environment, in your situations throughout the day.