Westport Sketchbook: Beach Mom

I have it easy now, and I’m not gloating, just appreciating it. I can go to the beach with my sketchbook while my older kids (older than this kid here in the picture, way older) play and as long as they are in range and I can see them,  I’m happy to draw all the people at the beach. I noticed this mom, having set up a dreamy beach environment for her crawling tot, she’s trying to have even just one minute to breathe in and feel the sea breeze. (Take a look at www.westportnow.com for another beach drawing)

Bees and Nectar on the Plane

I happened to hear a man talking to the person next to him on the plane on a trip some time ago. I had my sketchbook and wrote down a bit of it. Sometimes you hear the most enhancing descriptions from someone, or phrases. I am usually all about the visual, but sometimes it’s what you hear that draws you into an imaginative place.  This is a sketchbook entry from last year, spring time.

Dream Sequences, Ethereal Layers (and Aroma Therapy)

The other night I had enchanting dreams that I cannot make much sense of, because they were so layered, each scene skimmed along over the next. Rational or sequential sense-making of them is not possible to me immediately. However, the impressions were so lovely, so peaceful that the entire day yesterday I was in a state of ethereal dream-land. One part of the dream had a florist trimming roses, large and colorful rose-heads. As he clipped them, he gave them to me so that I had a collection. They were orange, red, pink, blue, green, yellow. And I was surrounded with the scent of roses, which lingered with me all day yesterday.

Westport Sketchbook: The Toddler Pool at Longshore

Sketching at Longshore Club pool, the toddlers are adorable to watch. Their exhausted parents are constantly lifting, grabbing, chasing or coxing a child closer.

I love the way the light played on the water and on people as they sat by the poolside. The life guard did that thing I’ve seen life guards do before, sitting and twirling the whistle. To see another color sketch of swimmers at Longshore, go to www.westportnow.com

Listen to the Wind: Intuition Whispers

I read that Chief Seattle said, “The wind gave our children the spirit of life.”  The wind is pure energy, unseen.  As a child, I used to feel and hear the wind whip across the flat Texas plains, and I felt I was being spoken to by a divine and noble presence. Even the sorrowful wailing of the wind spoke to me, a song of human suffering and mystery.  Imagine the wind a divine presence with a message. We’d want to hear that message, wouldn’t we?  As the earth whispers, we feel our intuition speak to us in the same way.  Experiencing quiet knowing is to hear an inner unseen whispering. Listening to our intuition is understanding “which way the wind is blowing” and what it means to us in our own life experiences. Tuning in can mean the difference between life and death at times.  Many times I’ve said to myself, “I wish I had just listened!” because in some situation, I had “heard” which way the wind was blowing but did not pay attention or ignored it. It isn’t safe to ignore your inner voice.  If we don’t listen to the wind, we don’t know the general atmosphere of our local weather, and similarly, our life situations function as our own “personal weather”. The conditions of our relationships are indicators for us of how we’re faring, for example. Listening to that inner voice is the way to move along with the unseen divine presence.

Oil Spill Sketchbook: Manatees Get BP’d

I am wondering how the manatees are faring in this hideous oil spill crisis. They have always captured a sense of the vulnerable and childlike, the way they seem to lob around in the water, looking forlorn. They seem so innocent and I feel sick at the thought they’ll be dying, suffering because of this catastrophe. All the sea life and coastal innocence got “BP’d” as I like to say. When something awful happens or slimy ,wrong, unjust, we’ll say, “We got BP’d”.  The real worry is there is this other humongous oil rig out there, so enormous nobody will know how to shut that one down for sure. Is it even at all possible that another oil rig could blow up? I hate to say it but I think it is.

Spirit Painting: True Blue, the Color of Emotional Intelligence

I am not sure why, but when I began this Spirit Painting, commissioned by the mother of a girl under the age of 10, I felt strongly compelled to paint a “blue person”. There was no way around it. Every time I painted a figure (many have come and gone underneath this layer of paint), it came out blue. I perceived that this child has a powerfully strong ability to moderate the emotions of others by feeling them and making sense of them within, even when others may not be conscious of their own feelings. I never thought of emotional intelligence (the natural gift of intuition) of being one color, but in this child, it gets expressed as blue, which I consider to be an emotionally cool color. I know we “get the blues” or we “sing the blues” when we’re down, but I think blue is the color of rising up again and singing the blues really means coping well with sadness. Once you sing about it, or state that you have the blues, you’re conscious, you’re awake to your emotions and you have the chance to churn them into gold.

Spirit Painting: The World Is Your Home

This is a Spirit Painting commission I had recently. This was for a ten year old girl, about to step into womanhood in the next few years. She is also on the brink of a life change and will be experiencing new surroundings. I strongly intuit for her that feeling of home will be important to her, and her sense of what it means to be “at home” renewed. I felt that  she will discover that home is, in a way. wherever you find yourself, because inwardly you must feel at home with yourself in order to ever feel truly happy. And the other part of that is that she will recognize when she does not feel at home is certain situations and she will choose where to place herself. She will createsurroundings to reflect her own sense of peace. And I believe in some way she will help others do this in life as well.