Orbs and Angels (and babies!)

The light that is moving energy, that is the wisdom of ancient knowing, that is love and is ever becoming more light. I began seeing orbs years ago, and asked my Cherokee mentor what were they? They feel as spiritually radiant as my idea of angels. She said, “Those are the babies.” I was surprised to hear this. I had no idea what she meant. She said the orbs I saw were very new life forms, and they traveled with me on my earth walk as well as in the astral realm, so they could begin to learn from us on earth, in our struggles and in our adventures. I do not know if all orbs are “babies” in spirit, and feel certain that there are legions and legions of angels in many forms, as was written. But I love the idea of innocent, gentle and loving souls newly born of the power of the Source of Life, appearing as orbs; light that is moving energy, that is of ancient knowing, that is love and is ever becoming more light.

The Heart (of shadows and light)

We carry a fruitful bough with us, where our heart is. All day it is there with us. We work, we focus on things, we eat, we talk, but always there is the heart, filled with memory and feeling, opening and protecting all at once, a delicately blooming tree. We are under that tree, in both the sunlight and shadows of our emotions. We are the keeper of emotions. Our own. What we feel and have felt is there. What we long for and experience is there. Anything we desire is first conceived of as a thought, right there. It is never too late to heal wounds that may be there in the shadows, and never too late to reach up toward the light and begin anew. A new dream, a new desire, a new life entirely. Each moment the heart is providing emotional energy for anything we wish.

Westport Sketchbook: Sunny Sunday

Light and shadows captivate me. The way buildings are illuminated by light, ever changing. Long, dramatic shadows reaching on a clear blue sky day had me besotted on Main Street yesterday.

People are more compelling, though. One woman casually strode around in black heels and a purple suit, no overcoat (it was finally warm enough). And she had her hair in a french braid, her hand in her suit pocket. I wondered, had she just come out of church, or was she on a break from working in one of the shops on Main?

And the babies! They were able to have some fresh air, too. One baby was being toted in a car-seat carrier by his dad. (Go to www.westportnow.com)

Flower People

We had sunshine today, and I noticed a different language coming from nature. It was not the voice of winter, but a whispering little song of spring. Soon, it will fade and we’ll have more snow, sleet and rain. But it was interesting to adjust to a new attitude in response to nature today. I thought of how our own personal climates of emotion fluctuate, but an overall human conditioning prescribed by nature’s presentation gives us a framework and reference for our attitudes, and we are subject to it. My own personal springtime may not be the spring time outside, and my own inner winter may not be during the months of December through February. Still, no matter what, nature lays over us a condition to deal with, and we respond one way or another. Today I let the sun warm me up, and thought of how good it felt. Like a flower opening up.

Negative Vibes! Primitive Fears…

Negative vibes. When you get a bad feeling. When, instead of feeling a sense of well-being, comfort and/or joy and elation with life, you get gripped up in the stomach, feel unsure, and are likely to stop breathing deeply. This can happen in a blink. What is happening to give you this awful, uncomfortable feeling? It is there to guide you back to your sense of well-being. Get away from what makes you feel negative and contemplate what is going on.  Becoming conscious is the route to freedom. So much of what we experience in a day is undertones of feeling: unconscious responses to interactions and situations. Human fear causes us to be subject (when we are not conscious of it) to needing to feel superior over others. Mankind in his primitive impulses has done this as a rule over time: conquered others in the name of superiority. People and nations have destroyed others because this impulse to vanquish in order to feel worthy and victorious is so strong. In our small interactions, we do this as well if we do not become conscious of this feature of being human. With fear comes the notion that we must be a “winner” or a “loser” and we design each interaction each day to help us feel like a “winner”. What a hellish way to spend time! Life is so much better knowing there are no losers, we’re all “winners” together, living and learning with the will to choose. Be in your peace and in the bright knowledge that you are love and perfection. And get your good feeling vibes back!

Seeing is Believing: Auras and Energy

I see auras. Everyone and everything has an aura, a soft glowing color around them. There are bands of color, and the colors subtly change, or in a flash. The wave of a hand causes a wonderful swoosh of glowing, colored light to radiate from the person’s hand and arm. It is a great thing to witness. I used to be watching this instead of paying attention in class. I was so enthralled by the visual beauty of that light. We’re trained to “be on task” with our eyes, and not to get too absorbed in “day dreaming” or “spacing out”. However, I’d like to say that if we could all see energy as it surrounds us and others, would the world be very different? Would we accept that all we do has an impact on ourselves and others, and that, most importantly, we are creatures of light, embodied on earth? If the energy behind our intentions and gestures were more visible to us, would we learn more quickly and suffer less? Would we be able to see the instant effect of our choices?

Westport Sketchbook: The Tracks of My Love

I noticed when we went skiing the other day, after the glorious snowstorm, that the ski poles left little heart shaped impressions in the snow. I was delighted by this, because it was the day before Valentine’s Day. All the tracks in the snow are so exciting anyway. As I ski along, using the track of some other skier who was out in the snow before I was, I try to imagine who it was. And when there are two people’s tracks side by side, I wonder who the couple was. And they left hearts in their wake! And when I make my own tracks in fresh, white marzipan cake snow, untouched and smooth, I feel like a real adventurer. (Go to www.westportnow.com)

The Book of Love (and Saying Goodbye)

This is an angel I drew with thread.

I think there is an angel who holds a big, red book. The Book of Love. Inside the book is a list of every kind thought, word and action ever done. Love is the energy of abundant life, ever growing. I think for me, in learning about love, an important thing is to know that there are countless situations life presents, and in each one, we determine what is best for us in relation to other people. At times, walking away from a situation is best. Having a heart full of thoughts of love means taking care of and honoring your higher self in all situations. You may not need relationships which are painful or that which feels like the opposite of life enhancing, but we may stick around thinking it is “unloving” to leave the dynamic. Yet, nobody else on the planet will create loving situations for us so we have to be masters of that for ourselves. We have to make our own pathways toward light and love. We can do this without judging others. Just judge the situations, not the people. We all have our own pathways to create and follow. Giving those we know a loving thought, and a wish for them to know an abundantly happy life is honoring them. We do not have to be altruistically available for situations which are harmful or hurtful to us. The Book of Love will hold all our prayers for ourselves and others to find abundance.

Jewish Saying on “Crushed Spirits”

I read a Jewish saying that went something like this:  “A crushed spirit leads to dry bones”. You know that feeling you get when something or someone crushes your spirit, it is a skeletal sort of sensation of life being sucked out of your framework from head to toe.  I think if we find the one true thing in our lives which nourishes our spirit, nothing and nobody can crush us. If we connect to the Divine in one primary way (perhaps it is through using our minds or our talents in a certain way each day in life) we’ll feel nourished by our relationship to ourselves and that Divine Energy. We’ll feel the abundance of that light and love streaming into us, so how can we ever be crushed? In fact, the situations (or people) we may feel crushed by are excellent for us, because their actions cause us to reregister and align ourselves to that Divine Energy. We choose then either to be crushed,  and feel our bones turn to dust on the spot and over time, or we hold ourselves even more openly to the light that is ours to receive. It streams in and makes us have gold from head to toe.

Listen Carefully in the Woods (George Carver talked to plants)

George Carver is one of my heroes. He expressed so many inspiring thoughts and radiated a kindness and love during his long, devoted life of scientific experimentation and study. He’s most known for describing weeds as flowers, setting us free from our arrogance that some living things are worthy and others are not. From a very young age he understood how plants grew, and valued all types, knowing that everything growing and alive is important. One of his quotes illuminates why he focused so well in life. He said, “If you love enough, anything will talk with you.”